10 fast and exciting board games

Since my friend opened his Courajeux board game store , I have bought a lot of them. He also introduced me to a few that I loved and bought later. So I am giving you a list of board games that can be played rather quickly and that you should try and get hold of later.


In Wazabi, the only goal is to get rid of all of your dice. However, the fewer dice you have, the harder it is to discard them. Plus, cards played by you or other players can change the tide of the game in the blink of an eye. You can regain more dice than you had the previous turn, which can be slightly frustrating. Still, you have to use your thinking skills in a game where luck is everywhere.

Super Colt Express

Some people know the original version of Colt Express, but I prefer the simpler and nicer version of Super Colt Express. Each player takes on the role of a bandit on a train. At the end of each round, a wagon detaches from the train. It is therefore important to avoid being thrown from the moving train. It is also crucial to predict the actions of other bandits. To have any chance of staying on the train until the end of the game, you need to play your cards wisely.


If you want to try a co-op game, I recommend this one. Bandido is a game where players must use the cards in their possession in a way to block all exits from the tunnels. This is to prevent the bandit from going out and winning the game. But be careful, because if the cards are played the wrong way, it will create more tunnels and it will be more and more complicated to prevent the bandit from running away to freedom.

Crazy Tower

In Crazy Tower, the main goal of the architects is to build a stable structure. However, the saboteur will do everything in his power to bring her down. This game features two multi-player modes, as well as a single player mode. Competitive mode pits all players against each other. For the saboteur mode, this one puts in scene a player against the other players where he must voluntarily bring down the construction. To win, all you need to do is successfully place all your blocks on the building.

Shadow hunters

Unrelated to the TV series, this game allows each player to have a specific role during the game. They will either be a creature of darkness (Shadow), a demon hunter (Hunter) or a neutral character. Each character has their own special ability. However, no one knows the identity of their peers at the start of the game. Players will have to find out as they go. It is also important to identify your allies, collect artifacts and eliminate your enemies.


Skyjo is a card game that takes place over several rounds. The goal is to get as few points as possible at the end of each round. To do this, it is important to group identical cards together in order to make them disappear from your deck. It is also preferable to collect cards of smaller value in order to avoid having too many points at the end of a round. . When a player reaches or exceeds the 100 point mark, the game is over. At the end, the player with the fewest points wins the game.


Galérapagos is a game that is half cooperative and half competitive. Players take on the role of castaways and must build a raft in order to escape the island before the hurricane takes its toll. Shipwrecked players must choose between different actions in order to survive and avoid sacrificing a person in the event of a shortage. However, it is important to protect yourself well in case one of the shipwrecked players wants to shoot us in the back.

Jungle Speed

If you are in need of speed, Jungle Speed ​​is able to solve your problem. In this game, players must have good reflexes and a good sense of observation. They must also get rid of the pile of cards in front of them. As soon as two cards with identical symbols are present, the players who have these cards must hurry to catch the totem. Whoever catches it gives his cards to his opponent. The game continues like this until the end.

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