5 places to buy plants online in Montreal and surrounding areas

Over the past year, we have spent a lot more time at home than in the past. I used to go to the office five days a week. Now my office is a room in my house where I have been working in front of my boyfriend since last March. Let’s say that it changes the dynamics of the world of work in titi. At the Codmorse office, we have always had many plants, which I took loving care of together with other members of the team. When I moved to my triplex in St-Lambert, I had brought a few plants, but I admit that I did not have as many as I wanted. Why? Because my old condo was smaller and less bright than the house here. So I hastened to buy plants to garnish my collection and since then I have been the mother of a beautiful forest in my large common room!

So: where to buy plants online?

Would you like to have more plants in your home too, but don’t want to travel to buy them? I have put together a list of five stores where you can easily order plants online in Montreal or the surrounding area! Happy shopping… or gardening!

  • Stemhaus

New to the world of plant delivery, the young company founded in spring 2020 is everywhere on Instagram! Stemhaus offers a very nice variety of healthy plants of all sizes in eco-friendly pots. In addition, when shopping, we guide you in the choice of plants according to your environment: do you have cats? a lack of light? In short, everything is simplified so that those who do not have a green thumb can also navigate! Their site also offers plant care tips… well worth the trip.

  • Virtue

Vertuose is more than an online plant store, it is a complete service for plant lovers. The company offers green design services at home or for terraces, green walls and more. We love them for the quality of their customer service, the beauty of their plants and the efficiency of their services.

  • Mathilde’s Garden

Here, we have the choice between plants, flowers, bouquets, arrangements and so on. We can dig around and have fun for a long time to create the garden we like the most with more greenery or colors!

  • Miss boon

On this site, I like the ugly section full of potential. Why? These are plants that are healthy, but the leaves do not show it. So, no one wants to buy them, but all it takes is a little love to bring them back to their full glory! These are at a reduced price!

  • Plantzy

Someone who does not have any plants and would like to have a mini garden can turn to this shop which offers arrangements of several plants of various sizes. It’s a great way to have multiple plants in one easy order!

Hope this will make you want to take care of some green girlfriends. You will see, for me, it is very therapeutic to give love to my plants several times a week!

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