A balance between body, mind and soul

With our lives going at full speed, we rarely take the time to “stop”. Review simple questions such as:

How do I feel today?

Am I happy in the present moment, if not, what could change that?

What little time could I afford today to relax (a good hot chocolate, a walk, a bath, read a book)? Instead of having our morning tea on the cellphone, why not observe our surroundings and savor what we love about our home? Like, for example, admiring the space reserved for plants, the decoration of the kitchen or a canvas that we are particularly happy to see hanging on the wall. Personally, I like to sit in front of my window and enjoy the sun which warms my skin.

What made me want to take care of my time is my spirituality. Thanks to her, I reconnect with my feelings, I meditate to analyze my moods. I’m going through an emotional scan so to speak. My spirituality is very sacred to me.

You don’t have to believe in a God, a higher power, or any other term that comes to mind when I speak of spirituality. In my opinion, having spirituality starts with taking care of our body, mind and soul. These three components make the being that we are with its qualities, its temperament and its personality. 

There is first the being of flesh, the body, which we take care of by moving and eating. He is treated when he is injured or ill. For the spirit, I have noticed, for a year, that people stop more to help their mental health (we do not have much choice). Whether it’s going to the psychologist or just blocking all the negative news that social media brings us every day. To do that is to take care of your sanity, your mind. Component number three, the soul, is more “difficult” to consider, because people often forget about it. 

The soul is your excitement over your favorite chocolate cake. It’s your goofy smile when you think of the person you love. It is your joy to find a member of your family that you haven’t hugged for a year. These are your tears of happiness when you hear news that makes you happy. Soul is all your positive emotions. The soul is made to be happy, it exists for this function: to bring you all the pleasure, in the small and the big things that happen in your lives.

Do you like walking in the sun and admiring the scenery? The soul .

Do you dance because it’s your favorite song? The soul .

Are you spending your life in college classes? THE SOUL .


It’s so important to feed your soul. Every day, you have to give yourself a little moment of pleasure. It reminds me of the song of the Mélodie du Bonheur , the daily joys. Find your daily joys and live them as often as possible!

A balance of these three components (body, mind, soul) is the secret, in my opinion, of a good basis for building a good life in the present moment. And who doesn’t like to be happy once in a while?

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