A First Look at the Innovative and Inspiring Interiors of the Obsidian Concept House

It’s finally here! The inaugural Obsidian Virtual Concept House, as part of the Obsidian Experience, launched today, with new and innovative programming being released throughout the month of February. This month-long exploration of this futuristic dwelling set in the Oakland Hills of northern California in 2025 explores its mission of achieving wellness, identity, sustenance, terra, legacy, ancestral futures, and dwelling for the Black family. Each of the 24 indoor and outdoor rooms, along with the impeccable architecture by Leyden Lewis Studio and Studio Cooke-John, offers insight into the past, present, and future of the Black family, as well as the future of home design itself in light of our current global, political, and cultural climate.

The Obsidian Experience revolutionizes the idea of a show house like never before, as it features voice narrations from each of the concept house designers as you explore the rooms to fully comprehend the design inspiration and concepts behind them and will soon unveil a 3D experience for our ultimate viewing pleasure. This concept house also redefines spaces based on their spirit and purpose rather than sticking to traditional structures. For example, the kitchen is referred to as “Soul Center,” while the living room is called the “Djembe Room,” and we encourage you to discover the nomenclature behind each space.

VERANDAalong with the other titles in Hearst Magazine’s Luxury & Design Collection, is honored to partner with BADGuild for this inaugural virtual event. We’re offering a first look at nearly every room in this incredible virtual concept house in hopes it will inspire you to visit the Black Artists + Designers Guild website to dive deeper into this imaginative and inspiring experience. Stay tuned for more programming and 3D viewing opportunities for all your favorite spaces throughout the month.

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