A love of fish

You gave him the heavens and the Earth and it ‘s greeted with open arms. You wanted to make him happy, fulfill his every need and desire. You t ‘ assouplissais constantly its restrictions despite yours. It must be said that you forgot yourself a little. You got lost.

You made him his coffee in the morning, you made his bed leaving him clean and without folds . When he left for work, you would give him a hug and wish him a good day. You would cook her favorite food before she came back, you would plan romantic evenings in her spare time. You’ve given  heart and soul to please him and filled with happiness, m ais that e No was it you?

What did he give you in return? Why didn’t you keep some love for yourself? Where has “ self-care ” gone ?

Imagine a man alone, sitting at a banquet of a small restaurant chain. 

I l peacefully reading the newspaper in buvan t coffee.   While he takes note of the news of theday before, the waitress calls out to him. ” So, sir, what are you going to order?” Sheasks. “It will be lobster, please. ” The hobby, an order arrives. He tastes his fish as a woman walks into the restaurant. She sits atherside and asked him why he chose thefish. Astonished by his question, he answers, quite simply, that he likes it.

But that doesn’t make sense. How can he like fish after it has been removed from its environment, killed and cooked? And all this to satisfy his taste buds and his hunger. It’s the same with this man who said he loved you. Did he know why he loved you? Or did he say it out of habit without asking questions ?

There are c are people who say they love someone because that person fills a void and fills the emotional and other needs. We take, we take, we are satisfied and then we leave. But love isn’t about taking from someone, it’s about asking what you can give that person.

The reality is that man did not like fish . He only liked what he could give her, a full stomach. He ate his fill without even leaving a tip. As long as her primary need was met, she was fine. He didn’t ask himself any more questions.

Certainly, the hen loved e  really, wellness we soucit another. To love is more than affection , gifts and service. It’s about devoting yourself without forgetting yourself, but above all, it MUST go both ways. One-way streets never work. Tell me, how could he reach you halfway? He would have gone the wrong way.

You built the tracks with your own hands, but he didn’t take the train at the station and that’s too bad. The man who ate lobster is the same as your old love. It was a love of fish . A poison from which you freed yourself.

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