A loving heart can’t always read between the lines

A loving heart cannot always read between the lines. He is overflowing with hope and interprets the silences of the other as he wants to believe in a future with this impossible love. He even happens to see signs that are not and excuses the worst behavior.

The truth is difficult to accept and often it is found the opposite of what we want to believe, camouflaged by the hope that we will be loved. We can’t tell if we really matter to him or if he shares our feelings. It becomes hellish, because we do not know which version of the story to believe … We suppose, we anguish, we hope, we decode … And just that in itself is a message of the clearest. Love can hurt us a lot when we refuse to see things as they are. It was my case for a long time.

It happens to love a person and to have the certainty that he is the love of our life. It might be, but that doesn’t mean it’s the same for him. I give some the benefit of the doubt to be unaware of the pain they cause. They never really go away in our life. They are no longer there, but invade our mind.Because there was no end. Just a sudden disappearance that I had seen coming from afar. An end without why, without farewell, without knowing if we wrongly believed that we were nothing more than entertainment.

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Still, I knew the answers. From the start, I knew I was going to suffer. But when you love, you don’t want to read between the lines. This sentence, I repeated it over and over again in my head. Love has surpassed reason and passion has built every bar in my prison.

A heart that knows it is loved does not doubt. If doubt becomes the daily routine of your day, there is nothing to assume. The love you feel is one-sided. I know, it’s sad and your heart won’t be able to take it all in one day. Time will be your best ally, as will your compassion for yourself. Forgive yourself and learn the lessons. Take my word for it, they will serve you well.

You have the right to cry for rivers and even oceans. Shout out your anger and blame him for a while. But don’t stay where you are not loved or valued. You will heal like any heart that breaks in human history. One day, without expecting it, you will find the one who will see the beautiful person that you are, but first you have to get to see him too. And you will be entitled to your fairy tale only, he will not be part of it. He never intended to do it. He didn’t know how to tell you and yet it was obvious.I wish you have this strength to go first. If I had had this courage, I would have avoided this internal war which seemed to me to last thousands of nights without stars, without flavor… It was a war without loser nor winner. Just an interminable fight between reason and heart. Listen carefully to doubt and your intuition. If he really loved you, reading between the lines wouldn’t have become your hobby.

There are many signs, but the ones you don’t know are the most important.

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