A short 5 km for a good cause

Well, it’s rare that I write for myself, to solicit to invite or just to talk about a project. On the other hand, there is something else! A race organized every year, but which had to reinvent itself for 2020. What exactly is SquadRace? Well I invite you to read here for more details.

My involvement

Since the start of the pandemic, I have been setting up 10,001 projects to keep people active. I started online spinning lessons thanks to the help of my boyfriend to connect all the cameras, computer, lighting, microphone, wireless terminal, in short $ 5,000 of equipment to allow me to continue my passion! I then had requests to give yoga classes. Newly formed, I was able, but not at all comfortable giving it in front of the camera, but I lent myself to the game to the happiness of the people who follow me and who did not have the equipment to perform. spinning at home. I went out of my comfort zone to mobilize and motivate as many people as possible on the importance of being active.

And there, a nice big door opens: The SquadRace organized by On Running, a company that has sponsored me for years. An amount of US $ 10,000 will be drawn as well as lots of different prizes. My vision of mobilization is felt once again, I am not aiming for the fastest team, because it would be made up of five fast people who would make a time of death with the wind at their backs, in a small downward hill on a Perfect asphalt with no potholes, no car cutting you off or no “stop” to do. Rather, I aim for the biggest team, which follows my values: MOVE as many people as possible. So if that appeals to you, you can walk, run, alternate between running and walking… In short, have fun!

The prize must be given to an NPO of our choice. For my part, I chose the Breakfast Club, because it’s no surprise to know that nutrition and young people are two things that are really close to my heart. So, Thursday, he announces the perfect day to do our 5km: let’s go, are we going?

Don’t forget to register for the team: SqadGenevieve (without “U” and without accent). And yes, I made a mistake in entering the name of my team, the error is human.

We have until November 8 to participate… Thank you for your support!

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