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Being a practitioner, as well as an eternal student of Astrology and Tarot, I am often asked what fascinates me so much in these ancient arts.

In fact, Astrology and Tarot are for me two teachers who transmit to me the knowledge of symbolism and allow me to meet my person with greater authenticity.

These two arts heighten self-awareness and empower us. In that sense, we are still responsible for our astrological placements and what we do with them, at least that’s what one of my favorite astrologers, Steven Forrest, taught me.

I believe that to know enough and deeply these mystical arts, one has to go back to the base, to study and to explore the older theory, even more traditional. Have to admit that I am not a big fan of traditional or predictive astrology, but it is the foundation of this powerful tool. There is, here, a beautiful parallel to be made with the fact of diving inside oneself, this process of introspection which allows us to return to our own base, to our own foundations.

This is how for me, the study of Astrology, both ancient and modern, echoes my own human experiences and accompanies me in the encounter with myself.

We should not exclude our socialization, our education and our social circles, all of which are central pillars in the person we are now. Astrology or the Tarot are not everything in life, but serve as a complement, allowing us a better understanding of ourselves.

Personally, when I start a new month or even sometimes a new week, I like to pick up a Tarot card to see what energy will revolve around me for the next few days. And, what lessons will I take from it and especially how the medicine specific to the card is reflected around me.

In short, these two arts are my languages ​​and like any language, they allow me to see, experience as well as absorb my environment in a more fluid and digestible way. To express this thought, one of my professors at Laval University wrote a passage on language in our course notes and in my opinion, it perfectly expresses this idea that astrology is a language.

There is therefore an inclusive, even political, dimension to Astrology. It’s a way of getting to know certain parts of yourself, but also of claiming what you want, what you need. I refer to this art as a compass, but also as a tool that teaches me and allows me to evolve.

In short, I encourage you to explore this environment which is both inclusive and magical at your own pace.

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