Be demotivated about useful things

I don’t know what’s going on with me these days, but I have a lot of motivation. As if the world has turned upside down, I have the motivation to do the flat jobs, but not the motivation to get the things done that usually motivate me. I have the impression of having grabbed a “reverse card” at Uno. I suddenly feel the urge to clean the “pick up junk” drawer that I have since I moved (everyone has that, eh?), Washing the dishes has fun, looking at the void seems a completely legitimate activity, folding my laundry fills me with joy, reading the EA Electronics newsletter on the new features of the Sims 4 is my new hobby (no but their latest update is AMAZING), rereading a Harry Potter book on my balcony at -6 degrees with a big blanket turns me on like going to La Ronde when I was 11 years old,

We know very well what is going on. A global pandemic, I’m telling you nothing. But this 8th month of crisis is the most difficult for real. As if the month of November, which is usually one of my favorite months of the year, (N / A to AKA festikyky attendees on my birthday stretched out over two weeks) were beating me into this year by the pandemic. I know, it’s really not original to say that the pandemic is affecting me, but I am one of the lucky people who have been somewhat spared by the gloom of this crisis. I never stopped working, went through my first wave in lockdown with some of my favorite humans and had time to put some money aside which helped my life a lot. anxiety. In short,

It would be a lie to say that COVID-19 has changed absolutely nothing in my daily life, like everyone else I think, I miss seeing my family and friends without limits. But what I mean is that basically, I was never a great “sorter”. I’m comfortable in the comfort of my home, I like my joggers without shame, binge-watcher is one of my favorite sports, taking walks is my favorite Sunday afternoon activity. A real matante! Yes, the covid changed my Friday and Saturday nights, but I think I took it less hard than a lot of people. So I don’t give myself the right to complain.

But I can’t wait to regain my pleasure of working. Because I love my job, I like to see the possibilities that open to me the more I advance and as I develop my professional skills. I love the personal learning I do by discovering what I like and what I don’t like about my job. I like to imagine myself having a job someday that just connects things that I love. Despite the many calls and meetings by video conference, we will not lie to each other, professional development is not easy to find. It’s hard to learn from your mentor colleague when you don’t see him working on a daily basis and you can’t stay in the office for a bit to talk about career, ambition and development. Despite all the good sides,

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