Being the too healthy friend… tiring or inspiring? – Notebook

My daily life is inspired by those around me. My friends are my source of positive energy, good habits and healthy inspiration. I feel blessed and fortunate to be surrounded by energetic, sporty, fun girls who value health. We like to eat and drink good drinks (oh, believe me), but we are used to eating well, not always exaggerating our alcohol consumption and our outings are often linked to sport. Physical training, winter sport, summer sport, in short all the seasons are a good excuse to jump in the car and go have fun! As I write this short piece of text, all that comes to my mind is… “Ah, another tiring ast * that is too healthy”.

Yeah, I’m the too healthy friend, but I’m also surrounded by too healthy friends, so I don’t see the problem until I talk about my unassuming good habits around me. For example, at work, with family, it doesn’t matter, if I dare to bring my lunch or share that I ran a 10 km in the morning to talk about the beautiful weather, I am immediately answered with my eyes in the air. . Yes N.

My friends are too healthy and you know what … my boyfriend too! They surround me! The funny thing about all this is that my boyfriend feels exactly the same discomfort as I do around him. At work, we make fun of him, because he brings beautiful lunches. By beautiful lunches I speak here of chicken and rice. Nothing extravagant. Just a protein packed lunch and a snack on the side of yogurt and fruit. “Well, look at him, the tiring guy with his chicken breast!” Doesn’t that tempt you a McDonald’s sometimes? They say, eating pocket pizzas with a side of Pepsi and no cardio. Shamelessly. Lots of contempt. Why ? Because the guy takes health first.

I thought I was alone or maybe it was a girl’s thing. We compare a lot, tsay . No, it’s just a social matter. There is strong judgment about people who value their health. I find that quite ridiculous and ironic. Ironic, because health, the lifestyle of athletes, well-being is a fad. Health is represented everywhere on social networks. We subscribe and we follow personalities who take precedence over these values, but when in reality, in real life you show yourself off, you assume yourself, people keep a mixed feeling, sometimes contemptuous of you. It is sad.

I feel like it’s a feeling of jealousy. More than that, maybe people feel so much pressure to be beautiful, to be perfect that it intimidates them to be around a fit person. It’s hard on the ear maybe. The pressure to be pretty, to be fit, to be super human is completely absurd. We judge you if you are fat, if you are thin, if you are muscular, if you go to the gym, if you eat healthy, if you don’t care about your health, if, if, if, … Finally, we judge you little it doesn’t matter who you are and who you are trying to become. It’s a shame, because it’s healthy to surround yourself with people who rock us with positivism and who inspire us to improve our daily lives. The judgment of others, regardless of these values, their habits, their appearance, is synonymous with negative, stress, it stinks in my nose.

We judge so easily that we do not realize that health is simply having a healthy lifestyle and knowing how to balance your food intake, your sleep, your physical activity with your daily life. It is not a lifestyle that takes precedence over deprivation, excessive training and fussing as we say in good Quebecois.

Anyway… it’s a complex subject, but all that to say that I want to have a clear conscience when I arrive at your party with my lunch and my tight body from the day before. I want to feel comfortable talking about my good habits and my green smoothies with my co-workers. I want to be the tiring one, yeah, because I might be the too healthy friend, but at least I’m fine with myself. I am proud of who I am.

Stay true to yourself and believe me you risk inspiring many …

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