Books to break boredom

Unfortunately, we do not have the luxury of being able to act as we would have liked. We then find solutions to avoid the routine and to fight a little boredom. Therefore, a oday I vai s talk about the books I like (obviously ), but especially books that allow me to break the boredom that sometimes settles especially in this complicated period.

U n days a pag e

This is a 365 page book, and as the name suggests, the goal is to fill one page per day. Each page offers unique and positive content. You may be asked to write several times the sentence ” I can do anything “, or list them 1 0 things lesquelle s you are really good at (e) . There are also blank pages that give you the opportunity to give free course to your imagination by drawing or simply writing! A friend gave me this book and I love it! It’s a bit like a diary, a friend or maybe even a shrinkfor my part! More later, it will be a good memory and in the meantime, it will help me to fight boredom in a positive way!

Travel books

Yes, it’s vast, but I must admit that I read everything I can find: travelogues, novels or even guides to prepare for your trip. This long – very long – period choked us all a bit and my moment of escape, if I couldn’t leave, was to experience it through another form or through other people. Here are some books  that particularly marked me to guide you if you feel like getting away from it all for a few hours.

Harry potter

I have to put the JK Rowling saga here. Yes really! Tell me, how many of you have grown up with this little wizard? How many of you have read the books? And how are you not the be replayed for far too many years? Since the release of the last volume, I have never taken the time to read them again. And, far from e idé me e make you take a shot of old , but the seventh and last volume of the series was released in 2007. … Ouch . With the containment and all the free time I have had this year, I suis said and why pa s ? Why not dive back into a universe that I loved so much (and that I still love so much today), with which I grew up and evolved? E h I am not unhappy e for taking this initiative! It is so easy to fall into this universe and the little extras like the time we forget many details, it’s as if we discovered the books for the first time!

Reading allows me to get away from it all, develop a certain creativity and an imagination! P ar These days, it’s that kind of time I need and you also, p robablement, BESOI No !

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