Charlotte Casiraghi, “not hyperfunky” and “perfectionist”: she looks back on her preparatory years.

Charlotte Casiraghi is a great literary, in love with Baudelaire and Virginia Woolf. Passionate about literature and Chanel ambassador , she combines these two aspects of her life by creating the Rendez-vous littéraires rue Cambon, in 2021. For this third chapter, she invites the novelist Anne Berestbetween the walls of the Chanel house. This month’s theme: young girls. The opportunity to come back to some anecdotes of youth in a crossed interview granted to “Madame Figaro”. Inspired by literature since her adolescence, she follows her passion and integrates a hypokhâgne preparation after her baccalaureate, obtained at the Lycée Fénelon. At the Sorbonne, she studied philosophy, a difficult discipline that her friend Karl Lagerfeld also carried in her heart, she says. At university, the Princess of the Rock is a model student, rarely unsettled by the holidays. “I did hypokhâgne and khâgne for two years, I was not hyperfunky at the time, especially during the preparatory classes, very anxious, a perfectionist”, confides the wife of Dimitri Rassam. “I did not experience the euphoria of the 18-20 year olds: all my friends went out and were much more liberated. »Charlotte Casiraghi, a little bookworm? 

Caroline of Monaco’s daughterhas been insisting for a long time on one point: his occupations are not limited to the Bal de la Rose and other Monegasque social events. Literature has shaped her life and occupies a large part of her mind: she co-founded the Monaco Philosophical Meetings in 2005. Yet the tabloid press seems to be interested only in her personal life. “All that, literature, philosophy, poetry, have been present in my life for a very long time. But that does not really interest… ”, she explained in an interview for“ Liberation ”. “Suddenly, some think that these projects came as a flirtation. Literature and philosophy must not be reserved for a group of privileged people, ”added Grace Kelly’s granddaughter, who is committed to transmitting the love of reading within her literary salon.

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