Christmas markets to visit on the starry web

Winehot and smells of cinnamon, small chalets and big fir trees … The traditional Christmas markets canceled, it is on the canvas that you have to go and put stars in your eyes. To facilitate online orders, artisans and designers from our regions have unpacked their hoods and virtually staged beautiful gourmet, sustainable, united, original and made in France gifts to put under the tree. Just click, close your eyes and, we’re sure, the magic of Christmas will work …

Ethics and solidarity in Nantes

Okay to celebrate Christmas against all odds but on condition of supporting local employment, short circuits, artisan creations, artistic recycling, ethical and solidarity initiatives…. And if in addition we find an original gift, we will have ticked all the boxes! In Nantes , L’Autre Marché, at the initiative of the Ecossolies cooperation and social innovation hub, has always been a committed Christmas market. This year, artisans, creators, producers and entrepreneurs in the region are carrying their common values ​​online. In its digital version, the Other Market does not lose any of its extra soul or its friendly diversity. Cosmetics, decoration, groceries, leisure and culturezero waste fashionand cuisine … Finds combining consumption and commitment are yours. With in addition the possibility of opting for delivery by bicycle, by the Coursiers Nantais cooperative. We vote for!

In the company of creators with Lyon Can Do It

Last straight line before Christmas and you desperate to find the little original gift that will hit the nail on the head? Wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket and come surf online. On the Lyon Christmas marketCan Do It, you will be in good company, even virtual. They are called All In Sweet, Dimmelo, Fabulabox, La Maison Lucette, Magel, or Teresa Lou Atelier… And all are designers from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. On the website, in the WhatsApp catalog and in the Christmas Instagram store, they offer you to draw from their selection of great ideas. Leather goods, small stationery, illustrations, accessories, decoration, clothing, jewelry, delicacies… Everything is handmade, local and with passion. Want even more? So, also dive into the well-stocked hood of French designers, on the site Merry Click Mas, brand new and beautiful.

Connected, but according to tradition, in Alsace

It is in Alsace that Christmas traditions are celebrated most fervently from November 25 and the first Sunday of Advent. In Strasbourg, the Christkindelsmärik, the oldest Christmas market in Europe dating from 1570 , is not present this year, nor are the Christmas markets in the beautiful surrounding villages. Never mind … To stock up on “bredele”, gingerbread, “christstolles” and other delicacies, almost all of them have imagined receiving their visitors online. So welcome to the digital versions of the Christmas markets in Strasbourg, Obernai, Bouxwiller or Munster with small houses and well-stocked stands. That of Kaysersberg, one of the favorite villages of the French, reinvents itself at Christmas Authen’clic with 18 artisans and more than 700 gift ideas. We click… and it’s almost as if we were strolling between the little chalets, on the cobblestones of the courtyard of the Arsenal, the church square or the Town Hall.

Sustainable and zero waste in Roubaix, in Hauts-de-France

Handicrafts, local creations, recycled objects, responsible gifts and made in France, only. Since its creation in 2016, the sustainable and zero waste Christmas market in Roubaix, in Hauts-de-France, holds the bet. In the chalets installed on the forecourt of the beautiful Museum of the Swimming Pool, we prepare for the celebrations but worry about the fate of the planet. Even dematerialized, the 2020 edition, with around fifty exhibitors, keeps good habits. At Atelier Iceberg, Noémie’s organic and vegan soaps, handcrafted in Roubaix, take care of the details: fair trade coconut oil and organic cotton bag woven in the Vosges. The Lille designers of Coco Pistache are giving an eco-friendly wash with their collection of colorful and durable table linen and “beewrap”. And at Monsieur Lucette, there are socks made in Hauts-de-France from recycled materials and sold individually. Because it’s so much funnier to see life in disarray.

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