Cintia d’OD: “If you attack my girlfriend, you are definitely attacking me. “

Thursday night at OD, Andréanne and Jamie had a difficult decision to make: that of eliminating a couple from the adventure. Of course, Carl and Stacey were automatically saved from elimination. With a week and a half before the grand final, it is certain that it has just become more and more painful to let someone go. It was the pretty brunette who made the announcement and it was the first same-sex couple in the history of Occupation Double who had to say goodbye. That of Marjorie and Cintia.

I caught up with Cintia in a bit of a chaotic conversation, but a lot of fun!

Love with a capital A

I couldn’t wait to find out if Occupation Double’s girl pair had gone official. The answer: Yes. The very charming Cintia told me that when they were in the house of the excluded, her son, Leo, came to join them. It was a great first meeting between Marjorie and her stepson. Besides, I learned that Marjorie’s best friend has a 3 year old son. She is therefore used to being called “mom”. It’s not something new to her, she wasn’t afraid of it.

Even if they take it lightly and quietly, they are a couple and are ready to live a life together. Moreover, their trip has confirmed their relationship and they are already thinking about their next together (with Leo of course).

“The connection is good, we laugh, we understand each other”, she told me. It’s really  fun  to hear that!

When you re-enroll in Double Occupation to make friends, but end up finding love, there is nothing more beautiful!

Message the public

What was her reaction to the fact that she was part of the first girl couple of all seasons of Quebec reality TV? It’s “really cool,” she told me. “We pass a message to the world, not to be afraid to be who you are, to take responsibility. “

Since this is not her first time participating in this love game, I had to ask her if she sees any major changes in production between 2013 and now. Having followed OD almost from the start, this question seemed very interesting to me. Of course, Cintia told me that the production was much more open-minded (I think everyone noticed) and how much funnier the host Jay is. It is true that we are in 2020 and as Noémie said so well “There is no rule. “

Besides, a funny little fact. At the time of the interview, Cintia received a Facetime call from Vanessa, OD Spain candidate, with whom she shared the adventure (and more). In an interview with Rouge FM, Marie-Lyne Joncas asked her if something crisp had happened during her visit to Europe and she confessed to having had connections with a girl… in the shower. To then reveal to us that it was indeed the beautiful brunette, Vanessa. Guess that call was to discuss all of this. To be continued…

Naadei, candidate who disappointed her

Even though Naadei seemed to believe in them when they were eliminated, that was not the case before. She was very disappointed with her comments and the way she acted towards Marjorie. “If you attack my girlfriend, you are sure to attack me. “

Yes, the couple Cintia and Marjorie formed a little late in the adventure, in week 8, but from her first party, Cintia found her sweet dazzling.

We understand that Marjorie has had ups and downs , but if she had been strategic, she would not have left Kiari. This is what was revealed to me.

Who will be the winners?

It seemed like a difficult question for Cintia. She adores Vincent and Noémie, her favorite couple are Jamie and Stacey, but Andréanne and Carl are really in love. She didn’t mention the names of Patrick and Naadei… does that confirm that the first three couples are the finalist couples?

I have the impression that it is, but who knows!

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