4 Elegant and Innovative Decor Ideas for Defining Fireplaces

Elegant and Innovative Decor Ideas for Defining Fireplaces – When it comes to interesting and functional home décor, a fireplace has a special spot.

This is not only because fireplaces are always in style but also they have an old world charm which somehow manages to blend in effortless with the modernity surrounding them.

A cosy evening by the fireplace is way better than a radiator. However, there are ways to ensure that the fireplace adds to the décor and not just sits as a silent observer to the efforts around.

When it comes to the mood making factor, what can be a heartier welcome than ushering in your guests to a warm room where a cheerful and friendly fire is lit?

If you already have a fireplace, don’t let it stand neglected, instead make it contribute to more than just giving warmth. Fireplace décor ideas aren’t difficult or expensive to implement.

All they need is a touch of innovativeness and attention to a few minor details. By a few minor tweaks you can have a fabulous fireplace and a room that is definitely indebted to it as far as style quotient goes.

True elegance

For a perfectly luxurious and elegant look, nothing beats a black slate fireplace which really adds a touch of class to the whole effect. A fluffy red rug and shiny leather black seating can help add to the bold appeal.

A wooden mantle can bring in a tone of romance and above the fireplace some artwork in embroidery or mirror work can be hung.

You can adorn the mantle for a mysterious and glamorous look by adding a row of small lit tea light scones that will look like a series of twinkling lights perfect for any special evening.

Shimmer and shine

Make the fireplace a focal point of your room using iridescent glass tiles of mosaic. This will appear even better if the fireplace has a glass screen cover. Instead of merely putting up some artwork on the empty space above the fireplace, mount a TV for a contrasting look.

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Stony but not silent

Stone fireplaces are impressive and eye-catching. Who needs a mantle if the stone can reach all the way up to the ceiling? This really suits a laid back to rustic look and is without fuss or overt display. In fact, with a mix of differently colored stones, you can land up with some really interesting patterns.

Be industrial but with a difference

The industrial look is the current trend. Improve upon it by giving your fireplace a brick façade. This will add a bit of the old world meets new touch and can be complemented with a few candles around.

Above the mantle, a mirror with a casement frame design can be placed for a more modern inspired image. The mirror can be the real focal point and help reflect the main lighting feature of the room. For best effects, a modern chandelier with shades is preferable.

If red brick isn’t appealing to you, have it painted over in white; it has a lovely wintery feel. A wooden mantle will go well with this look along with a series of small white scented candles placed in transparent glass stands.

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