Double occupancy Chez nous: authenticity and cheating

Okay, we need to talk to each other. You were probably all glued to your TV screen for the classic Sunday Double Occupation date. We’ll tell each other, after seeing the trailer for last weekend’s episode, we knew we were going to be served! And it was. The bickering, the frenchs still bickering, dinner disposal more or less authentic! Ah and I forgot, cheating !!

During the week, Éloïse was sidelined for a few days because she felt some symptoms of Covid-19, a sore throat and fatigue. Since she had access to an iPad to “draw”, as she put it so well, she also took the opportunity to do little YouTube research. The role of production is not to precisely monitor what each participant does? If she had access to a technology, why not have been even more severe? Being in Éloïse’s place, would you have done the same? 

There were rumors circulating that she had been kicked out of the game, but to the surprise of the audience (and myself), the production decided to keep her. It was finally Julie who had to say touching goodbye to her friends.

We know very well that since week 1, Éloïse is displayed as a couple with one of the “greatest leaders in the world”, none other than Charles. It was obvious that she was going to withdraw information allowing her to save her skin and denigrate any other candidate who had said negative words towards her and / or her prince charming. Charles also has a rather incredible story since he would have subscribed to this reality TV when he was still in a relationship. It was Kevin on his arrival in the mixed house who dropped the bomb. After that, he comes to say that honesty and authenticity is the key.

It was during the famous Halloween party that she shared certain information with the candidates concerned. Trying to turn the other candidates against Vincent for a comment he made at the very beginning of the adventure which focused on the elimination of the Carignanoise, it is so badly skillful and rude on his part.

Although she ended up confessing everything, the act she committed is still cheating. The first candidate in the history of Occupation Double to commit such a large-scale gesture. We remember Pézie and Olivier, from the season in Greece, who had gone on a date a few weeks before starting the adventure. This news had ignited the Web in addition to sowing controversy among the other candidates, but we ended up accepting the situation. If you compare the two events, what happened in Greece is, in my opinion, nowhere near as big an impact on the game as what happened on Sunday’s show with Eloise.

As the show ended, former contestant Khate shared information about the contract on Instagram. She also showed the paper (supporting evidence) as such which CLEARLY explains that there will be expulsion if someone dares to break the rules of the game. Total injustice.

Should she have taken Julie’s place when she left the adventure? I certainly think so. Too bad that no discussion on the possibility of eliminating Eloise was presented. The guys, by not protecting Noémie, never would have thought that she would come close to leaving the adventure. If Charles had not been part of the mixed house, I dare to imagine that his beautiful blonde would have ended up in the envelope.

The production informed the audience that consequences would affect the course of the candidate at fault. Can’t wait to find out what awaits him. His gesture would have deserved an automatic elimination, but what do you want, Occupation Double remains a reality show.

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