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Decorating a room is a pleasure for me. Even if I rarely have the opportunity, or the budget, to devote myself to this activity, nothing prevents me from letting myself be inspired by the scenery of others. I create a bank of ideas that grows more and more, until the day when I can finally put my creativity to work.

On Instagram, I am a bunch of mega talented illustrators. Because I’ve been dreaming about it for a long time, but also because an illustration makes a great piece of decor, I plan to get some of their creations to decorate my walls soon. Not to mention that it’s super easy to find ones that fully match your style. Buying directly through the artists’ sales platforms also helps to encourage their work and to underline our appreciation more than by a simple “like” on their photos.

To introduce you to this artistic branch (if you haven’t already done so), I’ll list my favorite accounts to subscribe to on Instagram.


This is probably my biggest crush! I love the pop color choices made by Rhi James, a British artist who lives in Australia. It represents landscapes, iconic places, temples, swimming scenes, animals, etc. In addition to offering a variety of products based on her illustrations, she has also developed equally beautiful number paints and puzzles. Worth the detour!


Maja Säfström is an illustrator from Stockholm. I love his works for their simplicity and their humor. Some are absolutely cute. His illustrations usually consist of delicate black strokes. Some of them include little bits of text that will make you smile and feel good. I really fell in love with his work


Based in Montreal, Stéphanie Savard also creates colorful and humorous illustrations. His eccentric ideas are certainly out of the ordinary. His works will certainly bring your decor to life. A great way to encourage a local


Canadian illustrator and painter residing in Toronto, Sabina Maryse offers works painted in watercolors. In a generally very summery atmosphere, his creations are also imbued with a refreshing sweetness. Women, animals and nature are his main inspirations. Her store also contains very assumed pins and a collaboration with the Quebec company


Québécoise, Geneviève Andersen produces superb illustrations of animals. Their delicacy reminds us of children’s album illustrations. Each of his works seems to tell us a story. The artist also enjoys inventing comic situations with which we can easily

To discover other talents, the Society6 platform brings together a phenomenal number of artists from around the world. Make way for inspiration!

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