Dressing kit, modular or tailor-made: our advice for choosing it

Want a dressing room in the master bedroom or in a dedicated room? A dream that can easily come true, using the various options available. From the wardrobe in kit tempting by its affordable price through the modular solutions which multiply the possibilities to the dressing room designed to your dimensions and personalized according to your request … Our dressing experts have looked into the question.

No more wardrobes, you’ve decided to invest in a dressing room to store clothes and accessories. A good idea with the advantage of offering greater modularity, even with a kit product. You just have to change the arrangement of your shelves, add baskets or reverse the position of the wardrobe, so that the dressing room adapts to your needs which is not the case with the wardrobe. . 

Dressing kit: the turnkey option affordable

By opting for a dressing kit , you are choosing a standard product, offered in GSB or in specialized supermarkets. Dimensions, size, wardrobe, shelves … You buy a turnkey product, without the possibility of real customization. A basic kit usually includes a wardrobe section, one or two drawers and a few shelves. “With the kit often made of particle board, the customer has less choice, he must adjust to the proposed dimensions and cannot adapt it to his environment”, explains Amandine Lejetté, storage product manager at Lapeyre. “Certainly more basic, the walk-in closets are a real economical solution . In addition, they are often easier and faster to put on .”In kit form, the possibilities are therefore reduced. Lapeyre nevertheless offers 5 products of different sizes and styles to have the choice between a dressing room with a natural look or an industrial spirit, for example.  

Modular wardrobe: tenfold possibilities

Do you want more flexibility and have not found what you are looking for with a dressing kit? You can then opt for a modular solution by selecting different boxes to create your wardrobe. The advantage? You can position your walk-in closet wherever you want in the room and design it to perfectly suit your needs. “You can choose your boxes for an L, U or attic layout“, continues Amandine Lejetté. To do this, many dimensions (depths, heights and widths) are then available, with various colors and quantity of finishes.” This solution of industrial modules that can be personalized by juxtaposing them according to the configurations , is very close to tailor-made, explains Jérôme Loizeau, Gautier product manager. In terms of quality, the finishes or materials can make the difference. Our drawers are assembled in the factory and our pull-outs are integrated into the drawers in an invisible way. Our modular wardrobes are also in melamine: they are therefore more resistant to passing time, to friction or to UV rays. ”  

“This type of dressing room also offers many possibilities of accessories, recalls Amandine Lejetté. In addition to the shelves and drawers, you can choose shelves dedicated to shoes, rocking wardrobes, a sliding pants rack, a tie rack, a jewelry box … “

Lighting should not be neglected either, most often with Led lighting (ribbons or spots). Other lighting also gives a premium side to the dressing room. “In addition to the detection lighting which illuminates the entire walk-in closet as soon as the door opens, we also offer backlighting to illuminate, thanks to a remote control, certain shelves, like alcoves, continues Jérôme Loizeau. Textile ornaments can also come to dress the shelves, to give them an aged leather look for example. ” 

Made to measure: the top of the wardrobe

With the made to measure, it is you who take the hand since the dressing will be made to the exact measurements of your room. Unlike a modular walk-in closet which is 2.31 meters high, if your room is 2.50 meters high, the walk-in closet will measure 2.50 meters high since the uprights are cut and arranged to the nearest millimeter. Hence a real saving of space and storage space. All configurations are possible and the walk-in closet is then designed by a specialist like Archea for example. “We take care of everything, explains Pierre Czmal, Archea Toulouse. The client comes with the dimensions of the room, photos and we build with him his shelf, according to his answers to our questions. He leaves with his plan in 3D and a costing of the project. Then we manufacture the walk-in closet in one of our two factories and install it. ”  

How many people will be using the walk-in closet? Will it be open or closed? Do you have a lot of clothes on hangers or more than folded shirts? Do you need drawers? Specific accessories? So many questions that allow you to get an idea of ​​the wardrobe to design. Lighting and many accessories such as a dressing table, a retractable mirror, a laundry basket … can be added. Here, the materials are noble and all made in France, with 90% melamine (very successful wood look) and significant thicknesses of 19 and 28 mm for great resistance over time. There are also dressings in lacquered medium for a smooth and aesthetic effect or even stained and varnished wood veneers (a 4/10 mm wood sheet covers the chipboard to give the perfect appearance of the wood frame). “As everything is made to measure and manufactured at the customer’s request, we can build him the perfect wardrobe for his needs or for his room, adds Pierre Czmal. He can also benefit from our advice on layout. Thus, if he has lots of clothes to hang but especially shirts, vests, pants … We can advise him to opt for two short wardrobes of one meter on top of the other. If he has to store many coats or long dresses, he can opt for a long wardrobe. Also knowing that a stack of folded clothes occupies about 30 cm in width, it is good to provide shelves of 30 cm, otherwise you will lose space. ” 

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