Emporio Armani: freedom, individuality, unity

Fluid and minimal cuts, sober colors that increase the richness of the materials tenfold… Emporio Armani’s spring-summer 2021 collection is all about lightness. An urban and versatile style that sounds like a return to basics and that everyone is free to appropriate and personalize as they see fit. 

A purity of lines that resonated moreover with the raw architecture of the Milan headquarters of the Italian brand, where the brand made the video presentation of its collection, a few months ago. The brand then chose to unveil its feminine and masculine lines at one and the same event, part of a “gender fluid” tune, but also, and above all, calling once again for union. 


Because love, the spirit of unity, or the couple have been at the heart of the identity of the Italian house for more than 20 years. And if the majority of brands generally offer separate lines, at Emporio Armani, complementarity and dialogue have always been the order of the day. 

Values ​​shared by Alice Barbier and js Roques, the duo of the J’aime Tout Chez Toi Instagram account, who present here their favorite looks, a mix of personal styles that respond and reflect to form a whole new entity.

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