Exploring the afterlife in a novel

My love for reading dates back a long time, but my love for certain authors is more recent, such as for certain genres. Don’t try to get me to read a sci-fi novel, detective story \ thriller or even comics (other than Garfield, Tintin and Asterix): I’m not the right target for these. On the other hand, the last novel I read falls under the Thriller category and, surprising as it sounds, I devoured it. That’s why I strongly recommend it.

The author of today’s novel has already been a suggested reading that I wrote to you on his delicious novel Sugar Rage . Today, I repeat by suggesting his latest novel: La mort des crbeaux . Totally different from what we experienced with his previous novel dealing with sweet addiction with humor and action, Mikael Archambault transports us into the unknown, imaginable and mysterious universe of death, of what is happening at this stage, of the relationship between life and death, law, social justice and love.

We do not know what happens after death, but reading this novel, we imagine and we believe, at least I do, that what happens in the book is true because of the non-existent human knowledge on this subject, but also by the way the author put together the story. This book is not just interesting because of its subject, it is also because the book deals with love, justice, death, feelings, mistakes made and that in the characters, we see a reflection of ourselves as an individual with our feelings, our desires to live, to do a thousand and one things, of love for others, of the fact that we want to change the world so that it becomes better, progress in science, our fears, mistakes made and that we regret, regrets about what we could have done.

Enough about why you need to read this novel and here is its recap. Elliot Leclair is a labor standards lawyer and it was at an airport, with sufficient evidence in hand to publicize and charge the pharmaceutical company CanPharma for their illegal animal testing practices, that he suddenly dies of a heart attack. From then on, he will be transported to Purgatory where he will have to work as crows for the next five years. From there, he must follow certain rules, the most important of which is not to come into contact with the living world. But his mission for justice will lead him to transgress the rule by taking an interest from afar in the company and wanting to protect his fiancée, the one who had planned to marry after this mission,

This book is not only to read, but well to understand. What is important is to live with as little regret as possible and, even if we feel like we are living without justice being done correctly, justice takes care of us, because we end up

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