Fast and exotic, the Thai linguini by Juan Arbelaez

He got his passion for cooking from his grandfather and his mother, whom he liked, as a child, to observe preparing dinners. Driven by his dream of training with the greatest French blue cordons, Juan Arbelaez, barely of age, left his native Bogota and flew to Paris. What was supposed to be only a stopover turns into the final destination, and off he goes to conquer the capital.

 Passed by the most beautiful tables of Palaces, from George V of Eric Briffard to Bristol of Eric Frechon, he became known to the general public thanks to the very popular Top Chef competition, in 2012. If he did not win the bet, the following year he opened his first restaurant, Plantxa, in Boulogne-Billancourt. Since then, the communicative good humor of this supercharged chef has conquered more than one and multiplies the projects with guaranteed success. The openings follow one another: Levain, Yaya, Vigna or even Vida, the healthy canteen he runs with his wife, Laury Thilleman, with whom he forms a shocking duo in the city as well as on the stage.

His smile then appears on the small screen, joining the Quotidien team in 2020. Advocating generous and friendly cuisine, he immortalizes his recipes in a first book, “Cook, share”, and repeats the exercise this year with “A table in 20 minutes flat”, that is to say 80 ideas realized quickly and well done to spice up our daily life. An example ? These gourmet Thai-style linguini, a pure journey between Colombia, Asia and Italy, combining the crispness of Parmesan crumbs and the sweetness of coconut milk. A treat, inventive and original!

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