Grow herbs at home!

This year, I wanted, and so I decided, to grow my own herbs at home. During the summer, I will make the most of the sun to make them grow outside, but I plan to eventually bring them inside, during the winter season, to continue to enjoy it. In addition to adding greenery to your home, fresh herbs will be delicious in your recipes.

We are now entering the sowing period. That means it’s time to start planting them. To do this, you need adequate equipment, that is to say good soil, pots, and a greenhouse for sowing (a tray that you can cover with a transparent dome). Don’t worry, this all comes down to just a few dollars. Then you will need to get some seeds. This is what will cost you the most (but, in the end, it’s the equivalent of buying it at the grocery store for a limited quantity). Then, it is important to follow all the instructions on the back of the seed bag.

Choosing which plants or plants to grow can be difficult. When it comes to herbs, try taking some that you already know you use a lot, or even that you would like to use more of, especially if this is your first experience. You can even smell the pots of herbs at home and go there with your favorite scents… because, be prepared, when you pass by your pots, you will be treated to a happy blend of natural scents. For my part, I took the time to do a little research to identify the best herbs to get started in this project. According to my findings, the herbs in my list below are relatively easy to care for. Obviously, the possibilities are multiple, so I invite you to inquire to find those that appeal to you more. Here are the ones that I have preselected!

The Basilic

A versatile spice that goes very well on the plate to give freshness to the meal. It is all the more delicious when it is harvested directly from the bouquet. It is an annual plant: the lifespan of this plant is therefore one year.


Personally, chives remind me of when I was very little and I pulled chives stalks out of the garden to be able to eat them. It is mainly for the pleasure of finding this flavor in the kitchen that I wanted to immerse myself in this adventure. It is a perennial grass: after a hollow during the winter season, it grows back on its own in the summer.


Mint is a perennial herb that spreads very easily outdoors. Choosing to grow it in a pot may prove to be the solution to conserve more space in your garden.


With its particular rather pronounced taste, dill goes well in salads or burgers. This fine herb has a lifespan of approximately twelve months.


Thyme is a perennial herb just like mint and chives. Its mild taste makes it pleasant to use. Like many herbs, there are many species, so choose the one that suits you best… or go for it at random!


Finally, although it is not a fine herb, I wanted to tell you about this edible flower which is perfect to decorate and color your plates or your smoothie bowls . You can even install a small screen so that it can hang on.

Be aware that if you have less of a green thumb, you can buy herbal plants that are already leafy in some grocery stores. Purchased dried herbs do not compete with the freshness of freshly picked herbs. They are much richer in flavor. Take out your pots and your soil, this year, we are gardening!

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