Have you ever spent a night in the street?

Personally, the answer to this question is: “no”. However, this is the sad reality of many in Montreal, including young and old. Now think of all these people. Think about the current COVID situation and the coming winter. Difficult to imagine their reality, is not it?

This is why organizations like Dans la rue are so crucial right now. In the street, if you are not familiar with what they do, it’s an organization that helps young people, mainly 12 to 21 years old, who, you guessed it, end up on the street . By having different centers and functions (bunker, day center, trailer, apartments, family service), their mission is to help these young people to get by and integrate into society, because they find themselves homeless. (or in a far from desirable situation of unstable housing) and rarely by choice.

The causes and realities of youth homelessness are different from those of adult homelessness, which requires adapted solutions.

In times of COVID, how does it work?

It survives, because it’s an essential service. But like all of us, they had to adapt. Sanitary measures have been added to protect young people, employees and volunteers, and some services have been temporarily canceled. This has not prevented the organization from welcoming hundreds of young people to its various services since the start of the crisis.

Postponed events

This year would have marked the 4th edition of the Une nuit Dans la rue event, where participants are called upon to spend a night in the street while raising funds for the organization. You will understand that the 2020 edition had to be canceled due to the pandemic. Thus, one of their important fundraising will not take place, despite not only continuing their daily activities, but also being even more essential during a global crisis like this. They need us. Young people need us.

I therefore strongly encourage you to make a donation to the organization, because as Denis Coderre, spokesperson for Une nuit Dans la rue, said so well, at the beginning of the video above: “A community that not take care of its children and young people, it is a community without a soul. “

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