How to find the best accommodation for yourself?

We continue our series on real estate today! If you want to re-read our old articles on the subject, you will find HERE : “The steps to rent your condo” and HERE : “What I would have liked to know as a new landlord”.

I live in homes that I have owned for almost ten years. However, I rented two units before making the jump as owner. I am one of those who left his parents’ house, to come back… and leave. I wanted to live at home from my first days at Cégep, but this was not the case. I had this desire for freedom and responsibility at the time, like this urgency to become an adult and not to need my parents so much anymore. I wanted to prove to myself that I could make my way in life and create my opportunities. Very young, I wanted to have a good salary and put money aside because I had a thousand projects and I knew very well that to carry them out, I would need capital.

So, I quickly bought my first property at age 24, since it was the best investment in my opinion at the time (and I don’t regret it at all today). On the other hand, I was a tenant before and I found it interesting to give you tips to find the best accommodation for you!

What to think about?

  • What kind of apartment are we looking for?

There are many offers on the market! Do you want a more old-fashioned classic apartment or a new building? Are you looking for a long-term house or a transitional apartment? Etc. We must first choose the type of place to live that will suit us the most.

  • Make a precise list of your needs and wants.
  1. Let’s talk about the parts: Needs and wants are two very different things. Here I am talking about, among other things, size (one, two or three bedrooms) because some rooms are desires and others are rather obligatory. We can think of creating a mini-gym vs a bedroom: it is not the same priority.
  2. And the neighborhood: Are you open or closed on this point? Location can be as vitally important to your quality of life as it is to the price you pay. For some people, limiting the search area allows you to do everything on foot… and it’s worth pennies that too… so it’s a choice to consider!
  3. Outdoor access: With the pandemic, the need for outdoor access has grown among many tenants. It has always been important to me. I have always had accommodation with a courtyard or roof terrace. But is it important to you?

Regardless of this list, it’s important to divide it well between needs and wants to understand what you could be without and what is a priority for you. Although we are always looking for THE rare pearl of the perfect accommodation, we often have to make concessions …

  • Understand the lease properly.

This is THE most important point. Everything that is said must be written down. Does the tenant have access to the yard? It is written. The tenant is not responsible for paying for the electricity? It must be written. It is important to ensure that the lease really demonstrates the agreement between the parties since this paper will follow you for a long time!

  • What kind of relationship with the owner are we looking for?

Several things can be seen from the announcement and how it is written. So, if your landlord posts on LesPAC , you can already see the seriousness of his approach and his desire to find qualified tenants. Yes, the platform is absolutely free, but it reaches the right tenants who ask relevant questions and are really looking for a roof that will please them!

The important thing is to feel that you find an owner who takes care of his building and who wants to maintain it. Why? Because as a tenant, this kind of owner doesn’t want surprises… and we won’t have any either! Also, the relationship with the owner is important (and this both ways), so it’s best to rent from someone you trust!

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