How to Remove Black Streak from Roof Shingles?

Hey Guys what’s up? I am Mahesh Pal and I Welcome You. In this article, I am going to tell you that how you can remove Black Streak From roof shingles. So without wasting any time let’s get started.

You might have noticed that, there are black streaks around the roof of your house. This black streak is around the shingles are an.d crawling down the roof. The level of black streak on the houses has increased a lot and it has become very common in each type of house with each type of material. With the passage of time it is seen on your roof shingles and even you can see it on your neighbor’s house also.  Do you know what the cause behind the roof shingles to streak?

What can be done to remove this streak on roof shingles? Will power washing be suitable for removing stains? Will the pressure washing technique damage the roof granules? Get all these answers by reading below.

What are the black streaks on the roof?

We get surprised to see that once the neat and clean roof shingle is now slowly and gradually covered with the form of roof mold or mildew which becomes visible as a slight discoloration and goes spreading down the roof towards the gutter. These black roofing stains are created by the type of algae that has been around for years which are usually found in the woods on the north side of the trees. It is even found on the exposed rocks. Nowadays these black algae are known as the roof shingle algae due to its annoying discoloration on an asphalt shingle roof.

How can these black roof stains be removed from the roof shingles?

You might be confused about whether these black roof stains be removed from the roof or not. But don’t worry it is possible to remove those dirty black streaks from your roofs. There are two possible outcomes to choose from to remove these stains from the roof. Either you can do it yourself or you can go for roof cleaning services by the professional experts. If you are doing it yourself then you can use roof cleaning products and do it according to the instructions mentioned on it. The difference you notice in doing it yourself and a thorough roof cleaning company is of cost and results.

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Hire a roof cleaning business

The benefit you obtain in hiring a roof cleaning business is that they have appropriate experience in shingle cleaning techniques. They are also aware of the exact pressure to apply with roof washing products. The experience of years will definitely affect in cleaning your roof. It will result in the total removal of roof stains.

Do it yourself roof stain removal

Find out the reliable roof cleaning products and also find out the roof cleaning chemicals. But be cautious about the company and the products you buy. Go for those companies which offer multiple formulas along with the preventive measures. Check out the needed material like a ladder and keep yourself free for the appropriate time. You cannot clean it through the distance. The closer you go and clean your roof stains the better will the removal and the results.

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