How to survive your heartache in confinement?

A heartbreak, at the base, is not easy. Add to that a global pandemic, it can seem overwhelming. But I swear to you, it is, surmountable. On the other hand, as in all spheres of your life, you have to adapt to the situation. Usually, when I’m upset, I see friends to take my mind off things, I go to a restaurant, I have a drink, I’m going to dance, in short, lots of things that I can’t rely on presently.

Here is how I managed to take care of myself at a time when, more than ever, I needed it. Although I wish no one to experience this kind of situation, let alone in confinement, I hope that my advice and what I have experienced will help others!

Listen to a show you already know

I read somewhere that when you are stressed, it is good to listen to a show that you have already listened to and not start a new one. Since you already know the outcome and know what to expect, it’s less stressful. Plus, if it’s a show that you particularly like, there is something heartwarming about it. And let’s say that I even less want to continue listening to the show we started together… with good reason!

Personally, I didn’t feel like watching love-filled Christmas movies either, although I’m usually a big fan of that kind of movie during the month of December. I listened to myself and was kinder to myself. So I waited until I got better to get into Holidate , say. On the other hand, I knew that when I wanted to start over, it was a sign that I was getting better. And that, I find that encouraging. One small victory at a time!

Play online games

In the weeks after the breakup, I realized that the only times I wasn’t crying and really managed to think of other things was when I was playing games online with my friends. Considering that all of my friends got hooked on Among Us , it was pretty easy to find me a different band every night that wanted to do a few parts. Otherwise, a simple game of Battleship with a friend, if there are only two of you, can make all the difference! #True story

Call your friends

Even though playing games can distract you, it’s still a good idea to let your emotions out. Just having someone listen to you feels good. Often, we think that we are going to disturb others and that people do not want to talk to us because we are sad (the phrase I have repeated the most is: “I’m sorry, I’m heavy.” ), but if they really are your friends, these people will be there for you no matter what. We must also not overlook the fact that having an outside perspective on the situation can be beneficial, instead of staying in your thoughts and creating your own scenarios. After you cry and take out the bad guy, you’re gonna feel better afterwards, I swear. Often times I combined with online games: talk, talk, chat, chat, cry, cry, play, play. A nice little mix!

Friends are good, but if you need professional help, don’t forget that there are many resources there for you. Don’t hesitate to seek help when you need it!

Find out what made you happy before your relationship

A relationship is about constantly compromising. So it is possible, and normal, that you put aside certain things that you did as a single person. You didn’t have the same time to dedicate to yourself, but now you can. Think back to what made you so good! For my part, I decided to take dance lessons (but virtual this time) to find my passion.

Clean up your space

This particularly helped me, for two reasons. First, it made me do something and gave me a sense of accomplishment during these monotonous and repetitive days of the pandemic. I was proud that I had the strength and the energy to do something as simple as cleaning my fridge and not have spent the evening on my couch listening to How I Met Your Mother .

Subsequently, as we are in confinement and in the last months / weeks, he and I have spent a LOT of time at my house, everything reminded me of a time spent together By removing certain memories from my field of vision or by creating new ones memories, it helped me heal quietly. The mug that reminds me of our trip, I don’t need to see it every day now. I will put it back on when I’m better (because I find it so beautiful !!!). Take back your space, you spend enough time at home, you have to feel good there.

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