Letter to my past

I have never been someone who truly regrets the course of life, however I have always taken the time to analyze the end of one of my chapters. At times, I like to go back to see how far I’ve come.

Recently, I accepted a contract in a secondary school and I see myself, in turn, on the school benches. I’ll feel like the eur croien they say it does that is insurmountable, the baffles friends, first love, baffles with parents, it hurts and it’s normal. I’ll want to tell them that we must hold on because even though it is the fact repeat and break the ears with it, c is true that everything eventually settles r .

When I was in high school, I spent my time bawling with my mom and  nonsense on top of that. I said horrible things and I would like to tell me to enjoy the moments with my mother, p arce that e life goes by so fast and we have no time to lose to disrespect. Especially not my mother, o uf that e it has not always been easy, and phew we got work to do with this -relationship there . S auf now that e I made motherI, too, would like to shake things up as a teenager and tell myself to be more understanding , to stop acting impulsively. I would like to tell myself to hug my mom and just enjoy it.

I had a shitty , but really loving, shitty relationship in high school. A relationship that will mark my life forever and that will tint my relationships for a long time. So I needed it to be complicated, for the guys to prove their love to me so badly ( sorry again ). I needed someone glue and  soud e pieces a thick  had the pleasure to destroy, and that, over several years. J ‘would aim é take me in my arms and tell me that I have the right to respect and that love is supposed to be sweet and not a real headache. I wish to warn me, shake me e t realize that there was something else that guy . I would have liked better to choose, avoid certain relationships and prevent myself from some scars.

I wish I had taken better care of my friends. I’m lucky, I ‘still have the  MÊM e gang , say least. This one , I would have given her everything, I took her to all my follies, we really shared everything . I don’t miss her anymore, but I still remember her and I wouldn’t change a thing. The gang I have now, it is  my sister ‘s at heart, always there for me. They probably changed my past a lot and I managed to have a good future thanks totheir listening, their support and the fact that they brewed me more than once when I was in the field.  Thank you girls!

D years pass é , I neededsparksof of lightsfireworks, drama, attention, love, long text messages as my arm. I needed to be withsomeonealways,even with my friends. Iwould not changenot my path, b can-REE e some aspects, but what I get out when I read c es pages-outof my book is that I take more care of myself. My life has a lot more meaning than it used to be and my foundation is more solid. I’ve learned so much from my past and that’s what I wish us all.

Y ‘has something s whodo not changenot, and that’s okay like this. J have always and will always intenseanalystof my behavior and introspectivetimesa thousand. I sincerely think that the past can be a sign of a beautiful lesson in life and withoutthese traces,how could we one day say that we have made good progress?

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