March 8 as a future mother …

It’s International Women’s Rights Day.

I have always found this date important to remember gender inequalities and remember that the struggle is not over.

What does having a baby in the belly change?

This year, I have a little boy in my belly. Strangely, I always imagined that I would have a daughter, that I would teach her to stand up and run towards her dreams by dragging other women with her. I imagined him mentally strong. It was a surprise when I knew it was Paul in my stomach.

Then I said to myself that I could teach her to respect all women, but not only that, to fight for a fairer society. I want to tell myself that my son will be an ally of tomorrow and that from birth, I will teach him to understand the struggles he can support. Because Paul will have the great privilege of being born a white man (and I find it disgusting to tell myself that it is a privilege since gender and ethnicity shouldn’t be, but let’s be honest for a moment). This privilege, I hope he will know how to use it wisely to fight alongside those who will need it. Because everyone has their role to play in making the world in which we live more fair and egalitarian.

What about education in all of this?

As a future mother, I wonder more and more what the world will be like tomorrow. I also tell myself that my little boy will (probably) be the first child in a family. Will he be followed by a brother or a sister? We will know in due course, but this puts several things in perspective. I was fortunate to be educated by parents who always taught me that anything was possible. Never ever the fact that I am a woman did change anything in my aspirations whether during my studies or in sport: for them, I was one of their three children, period. And they wanted the three to be able to achieve the goals we set for themselves. I grew up never thinking that being a woman was reductive or could be dangerous for me: this is a chance that not all women on Earth have:

What to do?

Becoming a mother makes me want to set an example for future generations and especially to continue to question myself and defend women from here and elsewhere. On March 8, ask questions: are male / female wages equivalent where you work? Are the chores at home divided fairly? Are the women around you experiencing harassment and you could intervene?

We can all take action to make the world a fairer place. We have to talk, we have to reach out and above all we have to remember that the fight is far from over. Let’s make March 8, and everyday, useful dates. Happy International Women’s Rights Day.

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