#Metoo project: Ode to women

The following text was written within the framework of the project “Hommage aux fxmmes #metoo”. The idea behind this project is to offer a new voice to the #metoo movement, particularly directed towards denunciations by women of sexual assault or misconduct, although women are not the only victims of violence. sexual. The authors who will take part in the project will share with you their thoughts, opinions, observations as well as their support, love and wishes for the future for the cause of sexual violence.

– Laurianne André, bachelor in sexology

I quickly went to see an etymological dictionary where the term homage came from. It was no surprise that I found the word Homo which obviously means man in Latin. Worse, not just that! In the definition, we also find that it is the proof of dedication of a man to a woman. It’s me, or more often than not, it’s the opposite !? This is why I will present an ODE to women. Well, there will be no singing, but at least it’s a feminine name and the definition also states that it is to celebrate high figures (read here, WOMEN).

Second questioning I had… who could I praise !? My mom taught me a lot of things, in fact she mostly taught me the basics of life, and I can never be thankful enough! But as I testified about my mother, I told myself that the message would not be appropriate. No, I actually said to myself that to show how easy it was for me, a heterosexual white man, in life thanks to my mother, was not really an ode to women in general. Worse, the idea of ​​the women of my grandmother’s family, my “Great” aunts, was born. Haaa, well there we have stock !

Well, for the most part, I don’t think they would have been ready to go and show their feminine solidarity on Sainte-Catherine with a uterus sweater making a finger , but the fact remains that for women of the 1950s, they do not wear are not allowed to walk all over the place.

Coming from the countryside, it is boring to say, but they were much more at risk of being automatically categorized in the clique of housewives, but NO! No, instead of bending to the mold of society and devoting themselves to the men around them, without here insinuating that they could not even devote themselves, they decided to educate themselves and think about them- even before thinking of others. Passionate about the French language, most of them turned to teaching. They wanted to transmit their passion, their knowledge. Maybe even to germinate some “crazy” ideas in the heads of the youngest.

If we want to take it a step further, my grandmother smoked, had super short hair and didn’t follow the conventions of women’s fashion at all. Well, her clothing choices were quite questionable, but we’re talking about a taste here, and who am I to say that a taste is questionable !? Even once, my grandfather had told him: “You can’t go out dressed like that”. My grandmother replied: “If you don’t want to see me dressed like that you just have to stay here”. He had followed her. 😉

In short, these women, without making big waves, just did not conform to the framework that was suggested / imposed on them by society. They made their way and made sure to instill the right values ​​in their children. Well, they may not be Olympe de Gougues, Zetkin or even Khalo, but without making a revolution, they listened to each other and forged their own path.

Although I do not know their point of view on the wave of denunciation, I am convinced that these women would have had their say in these events. Some of them were, or would have been, hit by this wave. One has, I believe, forgiven. The other one, we’ll never know. I say I believe so, because no, it is not a subject that is discussed around a dining table. However, if we wanted to show our support, we would have to discuss it, denounce it, in order to show the victims that there is no shame or embarrassment to be had on their part. On the contrary, it should be experienced by the aggressor. It’s beautiful on paper, but …

For these women and especially thanks to them, I am able to tell you, girls, I believe you.

Worse, I swear to you that I will do everything in my power so that my children, too, believe you!

Worse, I dare to hope that their own children will no longer have to believe you, but that if necessary they will believe you.

Girls, see you at night, I raise my glass to you, and I tell you that I love you!

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