My top microbrewery beers from here

After a hard day’s work, a success or just for fun, the satisfaction of the first sips of a good beer is always the same. Before meeting my boyfriend , I was not a beer lover, it is thanks to him that I am now a fan of microbrewery beers. Before, I drank imported commercial beers all with a similar taste. When I discovered this world, I was impressed by its great variety. There is something for all  tastes and all budgets . Quebec is full of multiple microbreweries. Encourage Quebec a g orgée the time: ” That ‘s the spiri  ” . With several tastings behind the tie, I decided to present you my top beers from here.

For lovers of red beers:

My love of microbrewery beers started with red beers. If you are a fan of this kind of palette, I present you my favorite red beers, hoping you like them too.

1. Rivière’O’Nord – Microbrewery at the Frontibus

This beer comes straight from the Gaspé with spicy, floral and fruity aromas. It is available in more than 300 points of sale. 4.8% alcohol content, nothing to give you a headache the next morning. It is delicious!

2. Fortune-telling – Pit Caribou microbrewery

Another Gaspé beer! Possessing toasted cereal and caramel flavors, it is smooth and easy to drink. In my opinion, it is part of the classic of red beers. In addition, it can be found through more than 200 points of sale in Quebec.

3. Beretta – Dunham Brewery

This beer comes from the Estrie region . P have révolutionnair th , just a good pale ale bitter . It is available in a can, but much better in a barrel. With its 4.8% alcohol content, you can take more than one at a time without getting dizzy. However, it is only available seasonally. It can be found in more than 100 points of sale across Quebec.

For lovers of dark beers:

These famous beers that seem so intimidating at first glance due to their opaque color. This is how most people see them. I let myself be tempted and I was not disappointed. If you are curious or would like to try beers from this palette, here are my favorites! Hope you like my tastes.

1. Imperial stout – Bièrerie Shelton

This beer brewed in the heart of Montreal has notes of coffee, vanilla, chocolate, crème brûlée as well as dried fruit. It has a high alcohol content of 10.5%. So a can and you’re gone for the evening. It’s an extra strong beer, so at your own risk! You can find it in more than 800 points of sale across Quebec.

2. Impériale Gasket de Tête – Match Head Microbrewery

This beer brewed in Saint-André-de – Kamouraska is described as a perfect balance between alcohol, sugar , acidity and bitterness. By playing on notes of coffee, chocolate and mocha, it is best served with a dessert or at the end of the evening. It has a high alcohol content of 9.8%. You can only buy it directly on site. On your next roadtrip in Gaspésie, add it  to your itinerary.

For Neipa lovers:

His full name North Eastern India p ale al e , it is regarded as a juicier reinterpretation of a very hoppy lager. It is mainly a light beer that combines well with the summer heat. They are also my favorites during the summer season . I present to you my favorite beers from this palette!

1. Avignon – Le Naufrageur microbrewery

Another Gaspé beer! It will surprise and charm you with its flavors of pear, orange and Labrador tea. It has an alcohol content of 5.2%, perfect for an afternoon beer in the sun. With its slight bitterness, it is sweet and easy to drink. It is available in more than 500 points of sale across Quebec.

2. Milkshake – Microbrasserie Le Bockale

This beer brewed in Drummondville is considered a dessert version of the Neipa . It contains lactose which gives it a very creamy texture. Ideal at the end of the evening, accompanied by a dessert! It has a sweet and balanced bitterness pleasant in the mouth. It has an alcohol content of 6% and is available in more than 1000 points of sale across Quebec.

For IPA lovers:

From its full name India Pale Ale,  are described as beers with a fairly pronounced hops with a bitter taste. If you don’t like bitter-style beers, this isn’t for you. It is arguably the most popular style of beer on the market. On the other hand, it has many variants, such as the Neipa described a little above. I share my IPA with you favorite with you if you ever want to check out the style or try new ones.

1. Parasol – Les Vilains Brasseurs

This beer is a variation of the classic IPA named Double IPA . It has the particularity of being strongly hopped, rich, aromatic with a nice bitterness. If you like a bitter beer this is for you. With an alcohol content of 8%, it has enough to make you spend a beautiful evening! It is available in more than 800 points of sale across Quebec.

2. West Coast IPA – The Knowlton 

This beer is another variation of the classic IPA named IPA of the West Coast. It has a good bitterness. It is brewed with fruity hops which give it aromas of tropical fruits. With an alcohol content of 6%, it is light and drinks well. It is available in several points of sale across Quebec.

For more information, click here.

I hope I managed to introduce you to other beers that you did not know not . With that,  good tasting and consume in  moderation! In addition, you encourage the local economy, two stones of a sudden !

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