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My visualization board or my vision board or mood board has been part of my life for a long time now and I have recently found the growing interest of others around me whether it is simply to talk about it or to share it on social networks via photos and even videos. Instagram and TikTok . These two platforms make it possible to create super interesting and relevantly pretty visuals that reflect our interests! Personally, I’m still in the paper or Pinterest version. I accumulate inspiring images in my phone which offers me every month to increase my rate of capacity and space by paying a plan… oops! That’s why I still like the magazine and paper option. A diary or logbook is the ideal option, if you like to write and do a little DIY. I talk about it in my previous article, here , about this famous diary that has completely changed my life.

Coming back to our sheep, for those who are not familiar with the visualization board, in fact it is a fun and rejuvenating way to take time for yourself. A few minutes, once a month for example, to inspire you by choosing photos that are ideally close to your near and even distant future. The future you dream of and fantasize about. It allows for visualization. It is proving that looking at photos that we like and that reflect our dreams and aspirations every day (as often as possible) for our future allow us to achieve them… does that seem completely ridiculous to you? Funny, eh, because I was a little skeptical, like you, until when I read a novel. The book by comedian Jérémy Demay:The list . Reading its super informative and funny chapters at the same time allowed me to open my horizons and to try visualization. Hence my choice for the visualization board.

In order to better understand what a visualization board is, I want to challenge myself here and share with you my inspirations in photos, so my future and my visualization… hihi! I invite you to unwind the images one after the other and to let yourself be inspired by it as it sings to you.

Finally, I believe that my future which is represented by this visualization board is not so far in time. I want to come back to life. I want to spend a summer filled with love, wine, pleasure, good food and well accompanied. I want to travel and get a change of scenery as quickly as possible and not to say the cr * ss! My vision board is a good representation of what lies ahead if we continue to stand together. The future will be bright for all of us …

I hope to have made you want to reflect and of course to practice visualization!

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