Not too green thumb in love, like in my garden

I am clumsy. Really. I’m literally killing a relationship as fast as the plants in the living room. I have no idea how to do it. Could I see a tutorial please A kind of topo 5 minutes top chrono: how to keep a romantic relationship in a healthy way, without looking like crazy-jealous-possessive-tanning-dependent (or not enough in my case) -quetaine- intense- toomuch -etc.

I tend to act like he’s my boyfriend

I would love to learn to act as if it were my ALL SHORT CHUM (!!!). I call him bro, dude, man, men, I tell you right now; it’s really not a good idea. Very very turn off for the other (Oopsi ) . I’m the type to say goodbye to him with a handshake (shame (!!!)).

I’m forgetting some unwritten rules (should there really be any?)

Which means: I burp (and my burps beat those of my uncles), I faro under the blanket and I don’t mind popping . Yes, yes, and no rainbows there, real reals. I think the problem is, I get comfortable a little too early. Not too much of a winner to let off a gas at the first family supper, when you meet his parents for the first time, on Christmas Eve, during the speech of the father who makes his annual prayer. I’m exaggerating, I’m not that bad, but I’m still going a little too hard, a little too early. Does anyone know the minimum amount of time before allowing themselves a little later blast in a relationship?

The more I write this text the more I think about it

In truth, the more I advance in the text, the more it makes me think. Think about the fact that the important thing is not the lapseof time that I condition myself to follow before doing certain things, but rather the point is that I am me. May I remain 100% genuine and true to who I am. And so, in the end, that’s the important thing, right? Because if that person is the right one, I imagine they will love me for who I am. From start to finish. I love myself for what I am. I even adore myself. And that, let me tell you, it’s worth more than any kind of love, because self-love is the most important form of love there is. So yes, I am clumsy in love, as in everyday life. I fall awkwardly in love. I am like this. But when I love, it’s real. From real . No Double Occupation love.

So, I’ll wait. Wait for my good plant. The one that I will manage to fill. The one that I will make live with my love. Without changing. Without changing my way of being, without changing my way of being me.

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