Pregnancy often taken for granted

I often have the impression that pregnancy is presented to us, to girls, as a beautiful moment to spend in our life, a moment that we must live. Then, more and more women are trying to break away from this quasi-obligation to give birth to a child. Many simply don’t feel the urge to conceive, or the desire to become a mother. Otherwise, more and more some will also express their desire for adoption, in order to be able to welcome into their family a child who has been brought into the world by another woman, etc.

Then, as we get older, we will increasingly ask women to know when they will have children. As if it was obvious, in fact, as if there was nothing to think about. Yet having a child and carrying that child is one hell of a decision that will have an impact on the life of this same woman. I find motherhood / pregnancy to be such a personal and intimate aspect of a woman’s life, and then sometimes I wonder why this is always and again a public debate. Like when going back to take away the right to abortion from women last year, which didn’t work out. But, hey, just having the discussion turns out to be insulting, frankly. More than insulting in fact.

I want to say. Pregnancy is hardly a piece of news in a woman’s life, whether it is planned or not, whether it is positive for her or not. So it would be nice if the decision to keep her pregnancy or not was the choice of the one who is pregnant and no one else. Don’t you believe?

It seems that we are so used to seeing women get pregnant that it becomes “standard” to think that it is part of the stages of a woman’s life. But not yet. It is not because a woman will not have children that she will not have a complete life course as well, because that too is the choice of the woman in question, her fashion. of life. What will make her happy and not what will satisfy society.

Since if we stop for a little 30 seconds, here and now, and imagine that we have a human being developing in our belly, I find that rather unrealistic as resentment. It is certain that living a pregnancy must be an unimaginable experience, but it should be understood that for some, it can be envious and some, quite the opposite. This comes with enormous responsibilities that must not be overlooked.

In short, to all the women who have had difficult pregnancies and who did not feel comfortable talking about it, because everyone finds it so beautiful and wonderful, motherhood, I support you. To all the women whom the people around them prefer to hear about their babies than to hear from them, I support you. To all the women who do not want children and feel bad about society or those around them, I support you. To all the women who have had one or more abortions, I support you. To all the women who have had one or more miscarriages, I support you. To all women who are trying to get pregnant, I support you. To all the women who have been diagnosed with infertility, I support you. To all the women who have chosen to adopt, I support you. To all the women who have used in vitro fertilization, I support you. To all women who have had a difficult pregnancy or a difficult childbirth, I support you. And many more.

This is motherhood and much more . It is not just public opinion cast in one mold. Then, after pregnancy too, that should not be taken for granted. On the contrary.

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