Quebec companies that rhyme with comfort

Pandemic or not, the joy of putting on our favorite comfortable kit remains the same. I do n’t know if it’s me, but it looks like I always put on the same one. Although it is comfortable, it is not the cutest and on top of that, it is starting to look quite tired . Do you also want to renew your old kit ? Let me introduce you to four companies from here that will allow you to get cute  and comfortable loungewear- style sets . The best of both worlds! We take out our credit cards in 3… 2… 1!

1. Girl Crush

This Quebec company has existed since 2019, headed by influencers Lucie Rhéaume and Cindy Cournoyer, specializes in the creation of sustainable loungewear . They want to motivate their community to make loungewear “everyday wear ”. The majority of their products are made with recycled or organic materials. Tell me about that, a company supporting environmental causes! The available sizes vary from XS to 3 XL. From the matching set to the luxury set, you will certainly find your happiness in their selection. Plus, when you get their products, you’re officially part of the Girl Crush Gang community It’s very girl power !

2. Reckless Minds

This Quebec company, which has been in existence for nearly a year, was created by influencers Emy -Jade Greaves and Zac Martel. They use their platform to raise awareness in their community about mental health. With the help of a team of mental health specialists and many other resources, they provide their community with information, advice and knowledge about healthy living and healthy mental habits. Their goal is to create a positive difference by combining knowledge, resources and fashion. The products o fferts inspire comfort tou tfollowing the trends present in the industry. The crewneck has u thing g set , you will be filled. The sizes available vary between XS and XXL . In addition, for each order placed , $ 1 goes to Tel-je unes . Being fashionable while doing a good deed is a big yes!

3. Womance

This Quebec company has now been in existence for more than five years. It was created in 2015 by none other than the big winner of Occupation Double Californie: Andréanne Marquis (and former contributor to the blog!). The company is associated with many causes in order to give back to the community. Such a great initiative! The company offers different loungewear options like pajamas, matching sets , hoodies and more. It is also inclusive in terms of sizes by offering from XS to XL via Womance Curves offering from XL to 4XL. You can shop all on the Womance app available since 2020! Easy to access all that!

4. Nana The Brand

This Quebec company created by the animator and YouTuber Marina Bastarache is present on the market since 2019. The main products offered are swimsuits and accessories. It is of last Dec. that the company introdui t his community ‘s first matching sets type loungewear . The quantities available vary between the XS to X L . She is also dedicated to the community bys’ associating to d e various organizations to which it gives back. A company with a big heart, it’s always a pleasure to encourage!

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