(Re) get into Pilates with Oysho’s Light Touch collection

How about taking Pilates? Good for body and soul, this discipline is gaining even more appeal thanks to Oysho’s latest collection. 

We cannot say it enough: Pilates is one of the most beneficial sports for your health. Ideal for building up muscles gently while getting oxygenated in depth, it is a well-being activity to be practiced without moderation … and with style, thanks to the latest Light Touch collection from Oysho. In the program ? High-waisted leggings, cyclists and highly comfortable breeches as well as elegant bras, all made from resistant and breathable fabrics, designed to dry quickly and enriched with an IP + 40 sun protection index for outdoor sports enthusiasts. The secret ? An ultra-fine mesh, subtly sheathing and incredibly soft, for a second skin effect of unparalleled lightness. Most ? A range of varied shades ranging from black to aubergine through sea green and beige, to wear as a total look or to mix with each other.


Drawing on its experience, the brand puts all its know-how here at the service of minimalist designs, designed to move without constraint while offering unparalleled support. Designed specifically for moderate-impact sports activities, the collection’s bras feature an original silhouette and laser-finished finishes. Equally delicate, leggings, panties and cyclists are not to be outdone, featuring seamless cuts on the sides and V-shaped sizes with silicone reinforcements to offer you the support and flexibility you need to support you in all postures. . In short: perfect for shining during the effort while being impeccably equipped.


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