Royalty: how George, Charlotte and Louis look after on vacation

Like all children living in the UK, Prince George , Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are entitled to a week of school vacation between May 31 and June 4. The opportunity for the children of Kate Middleton and Prince William to indulge in many activities.

If in normal times, the small family lives near Kensington Palace, they do not hesitate to pack their bags regularly to enjoy the countryside at their residence in Anmer Hall in Norfolk. Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis can spend time in nature according to information from the magazine ” People “. In an interview in February 2020, Kate Middletonsaid about this: “Someone asked me the other day, what would you like your children to remember from their childhood? And I thought that was a really good question, because actually, if you really think about it, is it the fact that I’m sitting there trying to do their math homework and spelling during the weekend? Or was it the fact that we went out, lit a bonfire to try and cook some sausage, which didn’t work since it was too humid? “A passion for the great outdoors with their children that Kate Middleton and Prince William had shared in the video celebrating their 10 years of marriage . 

The children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also love indoor activities: cooking but also manual activities. The three children are said to be regulars at Mable’s Paint Pot, a local creative hobby shop where they regularly come to shop. Something to keep busy during this week of skipping school.

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