Spend Go and don’t claim $ 200

The year is (finally) drawing to a close. The last 12 months were difficult, uncertainties, disappointments, constraints and changes. It is in these periods that we realize what is important in our lives, the one we want to have, and although difficult, this period can still bring us good. I have made big changes in my life, I have opened up more and I am currently at a professional and personal turning point.  

I decided to go into business, to work for myself, but for others. I decided that I wanted to share my values ​​and my vision, to help people rise and succeed. I decided I was getting my life started instead of going through the “normal” course. It is not a simple decision, especially now where I do not even have a job and only uncertainties. But when you meet the right people, those who actually see you, who encourage you and believe in your abilities more than yourself, these people, they can change your life. I always knew who I was, but we often feel a little lost, without really knowing in which direction to invest. This kind of meeting can help you find yourself a little.

The next year will still be filled with difficulty and resilience, hard work and constant questioning. It will be a pivotal year for me, the one that will open doors for me, make me meet people and bring me an enriched emotional and intellectual intelligence. I feel like Joe in  Soul , I don’t know exactly what my life is going to look like next, but I’m definitely going to enjoy every moment.

I haven’t written much lately, I couldn’t express myself, I didn’t even know what to express; I have 3-4 pieces of text with no beginning or end. I needed to refocus, I think, to think, live, learn. What I am today, I won’t really be tomorrow. What I had, I now have more and differently. I have lived, learned, felt. I don’t see how you could be the same person all your life, how you can see things the same way. Don’t you feel this need to evolve? To leave, to do what you’ve never done? To understand, see the world, open up to it and accept what it has to offer you? We all change without really realizing it, I decided to change things on purpose, and to be good with my decisions.

I want to dance, run and work. I want to take the plane and land anywhere, I want to see the misery that seems so fictitious to us in our little western world. I want to know what real reality is, not what the media want to show us. I don’t want to live the regret of not having done anything, of having known nothing, nothing experienced. The regret of having always been hesitant, the regret of always waiting for “the right time”.

2020 is undoubtedly the lucky card at Monopoly, the one that makes you pass Go without asking for $ 200, to go straight to jail. It might be a crappy card, but after you’ve passed your turn twice, your next move could get you to the right square, tse, the one you lacked to win or come out not too bad . Because 2020 was this card, 2021 will be this box; full of optimism, projects and adaptation. For having been affected enough by this pandemic; mentally, financially and professionally and that even if these last 365 days have been difficult, one must necessarily endure the vagaries of life. But it’s also up to us to learn and find our place through all of this, to achieve a certain resilience. Because one day, after kicking my ass, Place du Parc and Promenade will be mine, with 4 hotels on it,

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