Star Académie: An emotional outing for Meghan Oak

During the variety of Sunday March 7, it is the talented Meghan Oak who left the adventure of Star Academy, on a magnificent performance of the song ” Broken Vow ” by Lara Fabian. I had the chance to speak with her, to learn more about her experience and what to expect next.

When I asked her how she felt about her elimination, she replied that she would have liked to wake up at the academy, but that she was very happy for her two friends William Cloutier and Guillaume Lafond who both remained in the adventure. During her last week at the academy, she felt more nostalgic since she had doubts about the verdict on Sunday night. She knew that Guillaume was very popular with the public and William, the judges. So, since she was expecting this verdict, she makes no secret of shedding a lot of tears this week, living every moment at the academy like it’s the last.

If given the opportunity to redo her performance, she would have chosen ” Broken Vow ” once again. In addition to being a difficult song vocally, it allows him to dig into his vulnerability and thus transmit it to the public. She says she is very proud of her performance, and with good reason!

I then asked her if she had had a significant meeting during her adventure, she then replied that it was impossible for her to name just one. She considers herself very lucky to have met the three teachers, Lara, Ariane and Gregory, whom she considers to be exceptional people. For academics, they are lifelong friendships that she created during her career. These are all encounters that have made a difference in his journey and which will probably continue to do so in the coming months and maybe even in the following years. She expresses that her heart has been won by them.

In the musical world, competition is often put forward. According to her, it’s not the competition as it is that is important, but what people decide to do with it. She finds it important to see her as a way to develop as an artist and as a human being. She hopes that they will be able to transmit this message to all generations across Quebec.

Lorsque je lui ai demandé avec quoi elle ressortait de cette aventure, elle me répond qu’elle a développé une curiosité à apprendre. Nous sommes au début de l’aventure, et l’apprentissage qu’elle a acquis est immense. Cela lui a fait réaliser à quel point elle en avait à s’instruire sur le domaine. Elle énonce aussi les contacts et les relations qu’elle a créées durant son aventure, qui lui permettront de grandir en tant qu’artiste et humain. Cependant, la chose qu’elle retient le plus, ce sont les merveilleuses personnes qui se trouvent dans l’académie en ce moment.

The council of judges who will stay with her after the adventure is as easy as believing in yourself. It is also advice that applies in all possible spheres of daily life, because if we ourselves do not believe in our abilities, no one will believe it. After her elimination, she had the chance to chat with Patrice and Ariane who both told her they believed in her. It’s not nothing, to be said these few words by the greats of the industry.

The moment of the adventure that will remain marked in her memory is the performance of the song Meaningless with none other than Charlotte Cardin, which is for her a great inspiration. This performance made him want to explore this musical genre as well as the different elements that build a performance. She also enjoyed sharing the stage with the fabulous Véronique Dicaire, an impressive woman with her extraordinary vocal capacity. A big moment in her little singing career, as Meghan puts it.

Now that the adventure is over, she wants to dive back into her music and start creating again and in particular be inspired by what she experienced within the adventure. She describes herself as a hardworking person with a thirst for learning. Still undertaking, thousand and one projects in progress, I believe that we will hear from him very soon!

Despite the pandemic, she wants to touch more on the world of the stage in 2021 and thus perform in front of an audience. We all hope so, since it would be a step towards a certain normality.

One piece of advice she would give to young people who want to follow her path is to believe in them really strongly, since the person who should believe in us the most is simply ourselves. She states that she would never have been able to get to where she is now if she had not believed in her talent. She also says ignoring people who don’t say they believe in us and prove them wrong. Because self-confidence is the basis of everything.

No matter how big our dreams or goals are, anything is achievable, if we take the right steps to get there. A great way to look at it, Meghan Oak version.

I wish him the best for the future, hoping to hear from him very soon!

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