Star Académie: Dashny Jules leaves with his head held high

This week, I had the chance to speak with Dashny Jules , the candidate who unfortunately left the adventure last night, during the seventh variety of Star Académie. It was with a performance of the song Sans Limites by Kevin Bazinet that he ended his adventure. However, the day after his elimination, he feels good, since he is very proud of the performance he has offered , with good reason.

“ I took up the challenge I had given myself, which was to share a message, to be understood too and to show my vulnerability. 

He was also able to show a part of him that the audience was not used to seeing. This candidate, apart from his wonderful voice, was best known for his smile, which was always on his lips. So through this performance, Dashny was able to demonstrate his insecurities, his sadder side and therefore allow the public to get to know him from another angle. This week, during the preparation of his number, he felt some insecurity namely s’ was going to be able to perform the song chosen .

“ It was a process that I first had to trust myself and accept this vulnerability on my own and be ready to share it and above all to show it to people. 

He described his last week at the academy as the best of all his adventure, especially enjoying every moment like s’ it was the last. He also tells me that he opened up a lot and felt at ease during it. So, one could say that he leaves the academy without regret and happy with his adventure. 

When I asked him what are the significant encounters during his adventure, the answer was difficult when it came to academics. However, Queenie and Maëva are the two people who acted as a pillar for him giving him a lot of support . As for the guest artists, his choice fell on Marc Dupré , in particular for his energy, his generosity and his warmth. He was already h aut placed in the estimated e of Dashny and practice at his sides only confirmed everything.

“ I fell in love with his energy. This is the type of artist I want to be. 

On the subject of teachers, he admits to having a little fondness for Gregory Charles, since he notably acted as a father figure at the academy. He describes him as a very important person who knows his way. The advice given to him by the teachers was to let go, to trust himself and to show who he is. He especially took to heart  the advice to open up and show his heart , which was repeated to him by the teachers throughout the adventure.

” Dashny, you really love music more than you show and it’s time to share it with the gen s.” “

He is also anxious to watch the entire program in order to see what the public has witnessed in his adventure. He admits having a little discomfort at the beginning at the idea of ​​seeing himself on the screen. He confirms to me that all we saw of him on screen was the real Dashny .

One of his highlights in his career dates back to Monday, when he and the other academics shared a moment outside, around a small fire. According to him, it is really a moment which knew how to relax the atmosphere after a big Sunday filled with emotion. He also tells me that he will miss the academicians and that he can’t wait to see them again, but he still wishes them to stay as long as possible inside the adventure.

Now that the adventure is over , he wants to focus more on his compositions. He wants to offer the public music coming out of his head, his thoughts, his creativity, his heart , in short, that comes from him. And if the covid allows it, he will want to perform in front of an audience in order to live this experience of singing in front of people. He hopes that this summer it will be possible and I wish him ! The advice he would like to give to people wishing to get into this field is not to limit yourself and go for it. He decided to enroll in Star Académie during a  break at his workplace , directly after seeing the ad on television. Who knows what an action could have like effect in our life!

We wish him success in the future. Hope to hear from her soon!

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