Star Académie: Interview with the winner William Cloutier

Sunday evening marked the end of Star Académie’s great adventure, won by the talented William Cloutier with whom I had the chance to speak. He came full circle with the song Et je t’aime encore by Céline Dion, which was also chosen by the public. Having the opportunity to repeat this performance, he would not have changed his choice, but he would have preserved his voice more during the day. During this variety, he also had the chance to present a number edited from A to Z by him and Lunou. He explains that the technical team does a wonderful job of giving their different ideas. He loved the creation of it and he had a lot of fun with Lunou putting on a number in the image of their generation. 

Following this victory, he feels overwhelmed. Having been cut off from the world for several weeks, it makes him funny to meet people in the street who recognize him and appreciate hearing him sing. With the events of the past few days, he hasn’t had time to look at all of his posts yet, but he promises to do so, because according to him it’s extremely rewarding to have the feedback, comments from people about the performances and the adventure in its entirety.

At the beginning of the adventure, the coaches had made him the comment that he did not let himself go enough during his performances. He explains that at a precise moment in the adventure he left modesty aside and accepted that the public would eventually see him make a mistake. His focus was on his ability to convey the message he wanted through his performances. He is also very happy to have taken the risk of performing his magnificent composition, especially because of the public’s appreciation for it.

“ It’s a long time to accept it since we like to arrive ready in front of people and show the best of yourself. The less beautiful and the failures, we try to camouflage them. 

His most memorable moment was when he performed the c hanson the show mus t go on as he had the opportunity to show the public his voice technicality, since this song is difficult to interpret side voice . He is very proud since he has pushed the limits. He describes this moment as a pivot in his adventure.

Knowing that he experienced Star Académie and Mixmania , I wanted to ask him how he found to have been able to experience both. The Mixmania adventure allowed her to meet people after the shows as well as explore the world of touring. Star Academy ed was selo n him more schools, training, who is rapidly changing as a singer. It also wait to see to where people have discovered.

He is now the father of two young little boys, one of whom was born during his time at Star Académie. I wanted to ask him how he found being away from his little family.

“For sure it was difficult, but I was lucky unlike the other candidates to call my girlfriend once a day, so it felt good . It was not always easy, often there were tears during his calls . “

Now that the adventure e st over the next s steps to William, would first make an album, but he does not yet know what form it will take. One thing is certain, we will have the right to an album signed by William Cloutier. He also invites people to offer him the formula they would like the most. It was also announced a tour in 2022 with him and Lunou , which will be in his tinted with color and those of the public since it wants to know what they want to hear.

In the album released on April 22, William performs the song J ‘was going to be papa by Lynda Lema y . He chose her because it perfectly represented his own story of the arrival of his first child. He feels honored to sing it on the album.

We say congratulations to him again on his well- deserved victory and we can’t wait to hear his next songs!

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