Star Academy: Zara Sargsyan, a young talent to watch

This week, I had the chance to talk to the talented Zara Sargsyan who left the adventure last night during the  sixth variety of Star Académie.  She left on her own interpretation of the song Wake m e u p by Avicii , which she would have chosen again if the whole had to be redone. The lyrics represented the feelings she was experiencing, so she said it was the best song to choose for her Sunday night performance.

“ It was a memorable performance in my life and it was truly the performance of my life. 

During this one, she cleared the competition and reality TV aspect, to focus on all the people who watch her and show them that it is possible to reach our dreams and realize the impossible. During her performance, it is as if she had transferred all her stress to the piano and she confides in us that she had never felt such freedom before during her performances. She has also completed her number with a small tear in his eye, p uisqu’elle avai does so, its purpose to sing to emotion, to touch someone and not for technical perfection. Despite her departure, she is proud of the performance and she is particularly touched by all the love she receives from the audience.

Also, she is proud to have gone so far in the adventure despite her young age, and with good reason. Indeed, Zara is only 16 years old, soon 17 years old, from this weekend. There is however one thing that was it given by the fabulous Lara Fabian that the particularly marked.

“ You don’t have to do the job to please the public. You have to do it by loving them and being loved, not to show something or to prove something. 

She also learned a lot about herself in Lara’s office . She notably told him a phrase that will always remain in her brain:  “I ca n’t sing like Zara “. This made her feel exceptional and special, she who didn’t even know she sang well. She also learned a talent in the field of dance during workshops with Pépé Munoz and also in drawing during workshops with Marc Séguin. Upon returning to the academy, she expected the reality TV side, visibility and learning a lot of different things. However, she did not expect the intensity of the adventure in its entirety.

“ Learning 84 tunes, as Roxane said, in a week for the Sunday variety, with the endangerment, it’s a lot of stress, a lot of emotions. 

With yesterday ‘s eventful evening was also added the performance of the famous EP Les sessions de Waterloo, to which she added her two cents. She describes it as a really crazy experience, since she is not used to writing in a group, usually it is in the comfort of her room with her guitar that everything takes place. It is an  experience that she had to live, since now, she manages to write in a group, which she entrusted to me with a small laugh. She has also participated in the song RDV s heart the moon and Waterloo But his favorite is to be RDV s heart the moon since they have written, recorded and sang, in short they worked extremely hard on this one. They participated in the entirety  of its creation. Through this EP , they were able to put forward the specialties of each one as an individual and as an artist and it is for this reason that they arrived at this magnificent result, in only two weeks.

“ There was a fire that had lit at the academy, we wrote, we wrote, I think everyone did that really well, it’s a team effort. 

The next steps for Zara are first to finish high school. She was also accepted at Berklee College o f Musi c located in Boston. Congratulations ! She has several projects in mind as the stated on his departure for adventure last night. Now that she’s entrenched in the industry, she wants to release stuff in order to start her career.

We wish him success in his projects future and we hope to hear from her new very soon .

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