Sugar Rage: an entertaining and action-packed novel

Here is a dictionary definition of the word rage: “violent movement of anger”. When I saw this novel which has an ice cream cone with a cherry on the front cover, it intrigued me. For this reason, I decided to buy it without hesitation. When I started to read it, I experienced the feeling expressed above because I liked it so much and wanted to come at the end to advise you. I warn you, you too could develop such an emotion while reading it.

Rage de sucre by Mikaël Archambault tells the story of Flavie, a high school history teacher who has a hard time digesting her breakup. The young woman is the victim of problematic sugar cravings to the point where she no longer controls them. As a secondary character, there is Mélissa, her best friend, drama teacher, addicted to social networks, who never ceases to seduce men. To help Flavie control her sugar cravings, Mélissa enrolls her in a group for people living with addiction. In this group, she meets Tommy, a drug addict with the perfect bad boy appearance.. He offers Flavie to lend him her chalet so that she can isolate herself from all temptations for a weekend. She ends up accepting under the influence of Mél. What the two girls don’t know is that their weekend is nowhere near as relaxing as expected. On the program: a puncture, a blunder involving motorcycles, a corrupt policewoman, a corrupt man, gunshots, a lover in love who does not really help and drugs!

This work is an entertaining story by the action that takes place in it from the start. Also, we fall for the humor given off by certain words used by the author to amplify the problem of his main character. Thus, we find expressions like ” haagendazso ïnomane” or ” briocheàlacannelloïnomane”.There is also the discouragement of the psychologist that Flavie consults which is distressing. It must be said that Flavie’s extreme actions follow the advice of her shrink. The tips, themselves, are so hilarious that the only possible reaction to it is laughter. In addition, we see the entertainment by the general action engendered with the appearance of the chalet. Finally, the general themes such as the friendship between the two main characters, but also with Tommy, and the love that Mélissa develops for someone, but also for herself.

This book is a reflection of real issues that we can all experience: stress management and self-management, dependence, fear of risks, a break-up and the fear of disappointing. We learn, as the story progresses, that the young thirty-something has always been afraid of disappointing her father, and that she can not manage neither his person nor his stress. Ultimately, this build-up causes her to have an uncontrollable addiction to sugar that will get her in serious trouble, like breaking up a couple and messing up her milshake with things she can’t handle.

In short, a perfect marriage of entertainment, love, friendship, serious matters, realism. Everything is offered in a crunchy and hilarious coating. Everything to make you devour this novel and make you sing this song with which I end: Girls’ evening by Marie-Chantal Toupin.

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