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Let’s face it, the weekend in the sun made us want to have fun outdoors. We wanted to do all kinds of activities, usually summer, with a new energy. Me, it was to go get an ice cream to enjoy it quietly while walking. All that to say that we are all looking forward to summer. Many may already be planning their next weekends and, to help you with that planning, I’m posting my second post on must-have hot-season games.

Because we hear more and more talk and because we see them more and more in campsites or in parks: it’s time to take a look at the new trends! Good reading!

Finnish skittles

Finnish bowling IS a game that combines precision, strategy and fun. More precisely, what is it? First of all, you need to place the twelve wooden skittles according to a given scheme. To win, you must total 51 points. To achieve this, two methods are possible. The first is to drop a pin just by throwing the stick of your choice to collect the number of points written on it. The second is to drop more than a pin. As soon as there is more than one overturned pin, you need to count the number of pins that are fully extended on the ground to know your score. What happens if you exceed 51? You drop to 26. It is therefore very important to think ahead!

Personally, it’s a game that I love. I bought it for myself last year and I already have several parts to my credit. With family or friends, this game will entertain you. In addition, you can buy completely Quebec versions of the game!


Spikeball is probably THE game among this list that we see the most in recent years. A ball, a net for a small trampoline and four players, that’s what you need to play this sport! The activity is practiced in teams of two. Score as many points as possible against your opponents by passing with your teammate. Make impressive strikes to outsmart the other team. The game plays out much like a volleyball game, so for fans of the sport, Spikeball will charm you!

It takes a few games to develop good techniques, but this game is definitely fun and refreshing. There are even international competitions! In my opinion, Spikeball stands out from other summer games in particular by its equipment. To give this idea a little thumbs up, you can also buy weights to play in the pool!

The Burrito Game

Honestly, I’ve never had the chance to play this game before, but every time I read the flow of the game it piques my curiosity. You must combine your cards to form trios. You make points or… the battle! Quickly, hurry to grab a burrito to throw it at your opponents and avoid losing the fight!

The games lasting about 15 minutes are quite short. The recommended age is seven and up, making it a great family game. In addition, the company that produces it has released an edition to play it especially outdoors. What does it mean? That means two giant inflatable burritos and bigger waterproof cards.

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