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The importance of buying local is no longer open to debate. With the current circumstances, it is all the more essential to give love to our great businesses here. For the occasion of Mother’s Day, we have therefore decided to present you some Quebec gift ideas, which will please the mothers around you.


Ohana is a Quebec company of cosmetic products made in Canada, founded by Sarah-Maud Chagnon, a young professional makeup artist and esthetician. Its products are cruelty-free, fragrance and paraben free, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic; that’s wonderful! His vision? Quality products, accessible to all, which highlight the characteristics of each and every one, without concealing them. Basically, they’re great for accentuating the natural beauty of all gorgeous moms!

1. Liquid Velvet lipstick 

Certainly my favorite! This long-lasting lipstick stays in place for up to 12 hours after application! Plus, it doesn’t flake or get lodged in fine lines, giving it a simply gorgeous finish. Its strong pigmentation allows for beautiful colored, defined lips with a luscious look… Mum will be even more radiant with this sublime lipstick.

2. Eyebrow mascara

This eyebrow mascara is actually a tinted gel, made up of tiny fibers that increase the natural volume of the hairs. It gives full effect to the eyebrows and fixes them, so they stay in place all day! In addition, it is also water resistant! It is therefore ideal for moms on the go,  moms who move a lot, or flirtatious moms.

3. 2 in 1 compact powder

Both a foundation and a finishing powder, this two-in-one is all about convenience (and beautiful). Although it has medium to full coverage, the powder does not settle into fine lines and therefore helps improve the appearance of the skin. Available in 6 different shades, this product may be suitable for all of our darling moms.

Pepine jewelry

Founded by Perrine Marez in 2013, the company designs beautiful handmade jewelry in Montreal. Their creations are simply sublime and very unique. I was also very surprised (and impressed) to learn that it is a rare mixture of natural powders, such as spices, cocoa, sand or flower and resin powders from Quebec that lavish them their unique colors. One thing’s for sure, mom will love wearing them (and the compliments are going to rock out)!

1. Rosé set 

This jewelry set includes earrings and necklace inspired by the delicate droplets of morning dew. Oblong and organic, the set complements any outfit and gives it a refined look, in all delicacy! Mom will be really beautiful with these feminine and elegant jewelry.

2. Moune hoop earrings 

These earrings, which bear the nickname that the designer gives to her mother, “Moune”. They are a tribute to the woman of character that she is. Their symbolic meanings make them the perfect gift to give to strong women around you (plus they are so pretty).

Personally, they are my favorites. Their Aztec form represents the sun and life, magnificent! Both chic and simple, they frame the face beautifully. I intend to give my mom a pair… and give myself a coral pair.

The company was born from the love of its creator, Monique Dusfresne, for sewing and bags. All of its products are made with genuine leather, by hand and with love. It is moreover in her small workshop in Montreal that she has been creating and perfecting her patterns for several years. From one bag to another, an idea springs up, a pattern emerges, is refined… The company elegantly revisits the classics by infusing them with just enough youth to stand the test of time. An elegant and timeless present, which would charm all mothers.

An alcoholic drink (or not) made here

Although we can no longer celebrate as before around a good table, offering a bottle remains a classic which makes it possible to signify that we would like to do it with the other person. In Quebec, we are fortunate to have several companies that offer alcoholic drinks (or not) made here. Why not surprise mom by concocting her a ready-made cocktail box with recipes of your own? All it takes is a trip to the SAQ and the grocery store, a little DIY and she may remember this gift for a long time.

A certificate of relaxation

The year we have just passed has not been easy and has spared no one. We felt ourselves trapped at times in our own body within our four walls, but if these walls are a luxury that many people do not have in other countries. Why not offer mom a certificate in one of your favorite spas with a treatment? Of course, if we don’t live in the same address, we can’t go there together, but that will eventually change. And who doesn’t like to be pampered?

A delicious brunch

It has always been a tradition in my family: on Mother’s Day, we have brunch ! However, with the current circumstances, this is no longer an option that is available to everyone. Still, just because some dining rooms are not open doesn’t mean we can’t offer our mother a delicious lunch on this day of celebration! The majority of our favorite restaurateurs now offer delivery service, so let’s encourage them! Even if you can’t take your mom for brunch this year, there’s nothing stopping you from having her delivered the brunch ! You might not have the chance to feast with her, but you will make her and your neighborhood restaurateur happy, there’s no doubt about it!

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