The regrets that slowly kill the soul

Regrets, everyone has them deep down. It kills the soul slowly if we don’t try to see what’s behind it. The importance we give them will be equal to the extent of our distress and guilt will interfere, it is a sad promise. On this path you can only get lost, but luckily there is always the option to end it.

Regrets are an alarm system that you shouldn’t ignore. Whether it’s something you haven’t said or dared to express. A situation that you fled for fear of seeing reality. The bad choices you made or the ones you weren’t able to make out of fear or insecurity. What you allowed others to inflict on you for the love you thought you should earn. You have the right to be loved without all his efforts, often in vain….

These barriers that you erected allowed you to protect yourself when you were vulnerable and in bad shape. But letting your guard down allows you to give fate a chance and see that the dangers you perceive are not that much after all.

Running away and clinging to illusions seems easier, but it will wreak havoc if you desperately cling to them. Because there will always come a time when pretending won’t work anymore. The masks always fall off. Both yours and the one others wear to protect themselves or to mislead you.

Your lifeline will get lost in these waves you’ve been avoiding for so long. The storm that will follow will be this much-desired chance to get out of your hell and put an end to this insistent chaos of questions. This might not be how you thought you would find the way out to those dreams that you had and the others that you didn’t have a short time ago. But, this storm is your chance to decide what you really want.

Life and time transform us and our needs change too. Ignoring it is not the best strategy. Unless we want to continue our existence by accepting the suffering of living a life of lack and resignation. It’s a choice like any other, but be aware that it’s your fault. Do not look for someone to blame for your discomfort. Be responsible and look within yourself.

It takes a certain courage to look at yourself in the mirror, admit the unmentionable, forgive yourself and see our truth in the face and not the one we have imposed on ourselves. The one we ended up believing … It is not always the most beautiful of reflections that is sent back to us, but it makes us want to change, to improve. If we don’t like what we see, it’s time to say goodbye to what no longer serves us and has no reason to exist.

We are given a chance to become what we have always wanted to be. To go towards what we deserve and not what we wrongly thought we should be satisfied with. Life is full of endless possibilities, so never stop dreaming, believing that anything can come true.

Don’t underestimate the power of your thoughts. If they are black, you will reap despair. On the other hand, if they are bright, you will find a happy life in them. It is a path strewn with doubts, fears and anxieties, it is true. The unknown can be terrifying. It asks us to do otherwise and to leave what we cling to without it bringing us anything. We learn to do it one day at a time and it upsets us for a while.

We mourn a love that has died out, a way of life that has had its day and we leave what was before for what will be. It’s never too late to turn your regrets into life lessons. To dare to be what we really are and not what we want us to be. From now on, stop defining yourself in the eyes of others and understand that your value is not in that which the world grants you. She’s deep inside you waiting for you to realize that only you can make her shine brightly.

Some will want to extinguish this new light in you or will try to steal some shards from you that they do not have in them. Take your distance from them and get closer to the new one that makes you feel alive and fulfilled.

Leave your regrets behind, because be honest, it hasn’t gotten you anything good so far. Listen to your heart rather than your fears. We only have one life to live, so make it light, magical and authentic.

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