This is how I enjoy myself, despite the difficult times… – Le Cahier

Daily life seems more and more boring. The curfew, the wearing of masks, no gatherings, in short, all the sacrifices we make to take care of the health of those around us and of society weigh very heavily on all of us. Despite everything, the pandemic prompts me to take care of myself and the little special moments. I focus on myself and what I love to do at the moment.

Here are a few things that I really like right now. Very simple, but that keeps me busy.

  • I do great groceries.I focus on my diet. I have always loved to cook, but now that I have more time I allow myself to be free in creating new recipes and in the time I spend going to Super C. Hee hee. My very happy taster, my boyfriend, is very happy and his stomach full of my famous gourmet and healthy recipes! I fill my basket every week with fresh produce so lots of fruit (with the hot summer wind slowly approaching, I really favor pineapple). I go for a lot of vegetables like asparagus, broccoli because they are super versatile little green treasures that go well with any dish. I mostly go to the natural products aisle and try to impress myself. Frozen fruits, almond milk, oat milk (the kinds have become almost endless), chia seed, flax seed, in short I am full of good nutrients and foods. I still have fun with little onestreats as I like to name them. Chocolate. It’s a must-have for me. I love my sweet tooth and the recipes are also endless with this delicious ingredient. Muffins, energy balls, oatmeal, cakes, breads… MIAM… So I prioritize a full fridge and several fresh and delicious foods to create beautiful healthy recipes that are pleasant to taste.
  • I let off steam in physical activity. I decided to train, despite the gyms being closed. No way I can stop myself from playing sports. It’s honestly so easy to train at home on a low budget. A yoga mat and you’re good to go. It costs absolutely nothing to move. In addition, the accessibility to different workouts online is incredible. Boxing, dancing, hitt , etc. On Instagram and on YouTube especially the content is endless. Personally, I discovered Stef Williams ( Stef_fit ), an admirable woman. She posts FIRE training videos almost every day! If you want to sweat, this is the right person to follow.
Image source: Unsplash
  • I’m going outside. Walk, run, garden, sunbathe. Everything is better outside in the sun. I am lucky, I have a small balcony, so I set up two chairs and I study in the sun, I eat outside. The sun is an exceptional source of vitamin and puts a beautiful smile on our face. The most unpleasant and flat spots can look more interesting on the outside. The power of a good morning or evening walk should not be underestimated. I put a good musical playlist in my ears and I relax by walking for as long as possible. It does me a lot of good. It doesn’t cost anything, it’s accessible, easy and frankly it sounds like the most boring activity, but no. It’s simple, but it gives me an excuse to leave my house.

I know how difficult it is what we are going through at the moment. Summer is just around the corner and we can’t wait to see our family and friends, but let’s be patient and continue to take care of ourselves on a daily basis. Do yourself good, you deserve it and keep your spirits up …

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