This year, we must believe in the magic of Christmas despite everything and above all

Of all the special and not special days around the world, Christmas is without a doubt my favorite. And with a nasty head start on Halloween, My Birthday, Easter, and Valentine’s Day. MostlyValentine’s Day (which to me looks all the more like an anti-Valentine’s Day). I know it. The holidays will be different this year. But the magic will continue to exist if we are determined to perpetuate it. If we are determined to make it live inside our hearts. This party is so beautiful, full of joy, don’t let it die this year, please. So despite everything, despite this incredible year, I decided that I was going to stay true to the Christmas spirit. And so, like every year, with the approach of the holidays, I mentally become a 6 year old child again. I scream in the aisles and cry for my mom for toys. I’m sulking because daddy doesn’t want me to open my presents, even though Christmas is already three weeks away. I’m kidding, I’m exaggerating. I’m not THAT bad (or maybe I am).

One, I’m literally getting back to cardboard snowflake crafts. Bring me the glitter and the sparkle , it’s going to shineeeeeer (!!!).

Two, I brew my gifts as if I was practicing in shaker of shooter in a shaker. Even if my mother clearly told me (and repeated more than a hundred times) to be careful with fragile gifts… (It goes in with one ear, it comes out of the other, I too love you mom hihi )

Third, I wear Christmas one-pieces 24/7, a distance learning advantage (or a disadvantage, since I can’t show off all my full-mega-cool Christmas pajamas).

Fourth, my eyes light up just hearing the little Christmas carols starting to play on the radio. Starting in November, my playlist is all about holiday songs. Sorry not sorry for all the people who are around me and who are more than tired of seeing me whirl around and frolic singing at the top of my lungs:  All I Want for Christmas Is You, by Maria Carey!

But (!!!) who says Christmas, also says: New Year’s Day.

And this year, I want to tell you that my resolution will be: no resolution. Yes Yes. ANY. I want to take care of myself. Take care of my mental and physical health. I also want to take care of my world. And that, above all else. Take care of the people I love and who are dear to me. Because this year, in these difficult times, deprived of the presence of the people we love, we are opening our eyes to what is really essential to us, that is to say, family, friends. Friends who, over time, have become family. So I decided not to have a resolution, because all this I want to do all year round, and forever, and forever. Because it’s a bit silly to think that in one night, 8 hours of sleep (and often less with the New Year’s brush), I will be able to change everything what I like more or less in my life. And then spend my time resenting me, believing that I failed. Failed because the night supposedly didn’t work a miracle, and I still have so much trouble dealing with myself, dealing with my insecurities, dealing with my emotions. This year, all that is no. So my resolution is: no resolution. And as a Christmas present, all I ask is love.BIG BIG . For everyone. From me to you. From me to me. From you to you. From you to me. In all possible ways.

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