4 Amazing Tips to Do Landscaping With a Small Budget

Tips to Do Landscaping With a Small Budget – A dream landscape, be it for a small garden or a spacious front yard, do not come cheap.

A large part of one’s landscaping budget will have to go to the landscape architect, designer and contractor, not to mention the elements that need to be incorporated into the design.

However, achieving an enviable-looking garden without blasting a hole in your pocket is possible with a little creativity and resourcefulness on your part.

You can also cut back on your landscaping expenses if you will do the work yourself. Hence, if you are looking to add oomph to your landscape, but you are not too keen about spending too much, here are some tips you might want to give a try.

Breath new life to some of your hardscapes with a fresh coat of paint

The hard elements in your landscape such as the outdoor furniture, trellis, arbor, pergola and other structures succumb to heavy use and different outdoor elements.

As a result, they age easily and they become less than appealing which they easily pass on to the rest of the landscape.

Hence, paint several items in your landscape with an intense color – one that pops out against the surroundings – to create continuity and vibrancy. Some of the most ideal hues that do well in gardens include sunny yellow, brick reds, lime greens, and light blues.

Personalize your landscape with flea market finds or salvaged junks

One great way to spice up your landscape and make it more interesting is to incorporate character-filled stuff found in thrift stores, flea markets, or even your own garage.

For instance, you can use an old bike as a plant holder by adding a container on its seat. Top-heavy flowers will definitely make for a great statement when allowed to grow on the spaces of the seat of an old metal furniture.

To avoid a chaotic look when adding salvaged items into your landscape, try to group common items together. Perhaps all of them age with oxidized surface or all of them are made from weathered wood. Arrange them as you would do the accents inside your home, but make sure to keep their number at a minimum.

Create flower beds

Flower beds are great attention-grabbers, not to mention that they easily add charm to a garden or yard when the flowers are in full bloom. Hence, give over a weekend a create deep, curvy flower beds to further beautify your landscape.

Dig at least 3 to 6 deep and then fill the spaces with shrubs and some perennials. Punctuate them with several kinds of annuals that will add color to the entire landscape.

Layer potted plants

If you do not have the time to grow plants, but you want to make your landscape lush, potted plants will solve your problem. Not only will day dress up your garden or lawn, they are also relatively easy to care for.

To add texture to your landscape, layer different sizes of potted plants together. Or, you may choose to scatter them among the accents in your garden, like a sculpture or a water feature.

Basically, when it comes to budget landscaping, the key is to work with the things you already have. You can also significantly reduce your landscaping expenses if you do things yourself and complete the work on stages. By following these tips, you can create or improve a landscape without worrying about your budget.

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