8 Quick Tips to Make Your Place Look Clean

Quick Cleaning Tips – If you are struggling and having a difficult time cleaning up in a timely and thorough manner then maybe you need some way of focusing on the tasks in the right manner. For the most part the reason for not being able to clean up effectively is either distractions or children getting in our way.

If you want to clean up the place quickly so it will look presentable you will need to stay focused. We have compiled a small list of hints which will possibly enhance your cleaning prowess:

1. Fetch a trash bag

Using that you can simply collect any old papers, receipts, packaging, food and other trash you can easily get rid of. This initial move should only be used to collect surface trash so don’t get distracted by trying to do other things at this time.

2. Pick and put away dishes

This is a good way of clearing any clutter you might have around the house, but don’t bother washing them since you’re only trying to get them out of the way.

3. Get a few more boxes

The reason for this is to rid yourself of any items you deem obsolete or unnecessary. Downsizing your home can have very positive effects as you’ll have easier access to surfaces and you won’t have to clean up as often if you simplify your belongings.

4. Grab a laundry basket

Go around one room and start collecting things that should go in another room. Return everything to its respective places and repeat the process for every room until you’re done and all is in order.

5. Begin vacuuming

Vacuum everywhere you can, lift couches and move furniture around. Make sure you get every possible corner, nook and cranny.

6. Clean glasses and door handles

You can easily do this with either glass cleaner or a mixture of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Clean up every window and glass surface you can find. Spray the toilet seat, kitchen counters and other surfaces.

Let the chemicals do their magic by simply letting them sit for a while before wiping them off. Use a towel to wipe everything clean or paper towels if you’re not worried about the environmental issue of disposable materials.

7. Start the dishwasher

If you’re not using one now is the perfect time to start washing everything since you’ve mostly taken care of the dust around the house. If some of the dishes have persistent spots you can soak them in soapy, hot water until they dissolve. Metal pans with persistent spots can be soaked in water mixed with baking soda and then rinsed.

8. Mop the floors

Most people use string mops, and although they offer flexibility when reaching some places you should consider a foam mop if you want to soak up water quickly.

Applying a cleaner alongside the mopping is a must, you can even add some essential oils to the water you use to rinse the floors to add some pleasant scents.

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