To you, my dear child

You know, I ‘had everything planned with ed .

I had imagined everything down to the smallest detail.

I could already see our life to you and me.

The infernal duo against the rest of the world.

L has mom superwoman  who don ‘ was afraid of nothing.

Being mom -parent e I t ‘admit, this is not éviden t .

Less obvious than I thought. Quite a challenge.

I admit that sometimes I feel overwhelmed.

I confess that sometimes I do n’t know how to console you.

I admit that sometimes I break down in tears when you sleep.

Sometimes I burst, because I would like so much to be perfect.

You know my angel, I apologize.

I apologize for having thought that this  would be easy.

I apologize for being so exhausted at times that my anxiety takes over.

I apologize to feel devastated and without means .

I’m doing my best.

The best I can because I have so much love to give to you.

The reality is, mom isn’t always strong.

The reality is, mom is scared sometimes.

There is  the time s where, you know, I was questioned by so within.

I wonder if I’m doing everything the right way.

You know, it’s because mom forgot something important.

We learn again to know each other.

There is no instruction manual.

We try to es things and s i does not work, we try another way.

We did our best and that’s ç is that i account .

I’m learning and it’s thanks to you.

Thank you for guiding me every day.

Thank you for giving me a smile when I’ll greenhouse against me.

From now on, Ie promise you one thing,c’is to stop being so hard on myself.

I promise to guide you and love you from the bottom of my soul.

I promise to allow me to rest sometimes.

We’ll get there. One day at a time.

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